Current Spotlight

HDOT’s Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure and Energy Savings Project

HDOT Major Improvements Statewide 2011-Jan 2014

Find out about HDOT’s major improvements projects, programs and initiatives that have taken place statewide in the last three years. Lots of work has been done to improve our Airports, Harbors & Highways for our residents and visitors.

Sustainable Transportation Forum

The Hawaii sustainable transportation forum provides stakeholders of various transportation sectors, the discussion opportunity to ensure that environment, social and economic considerations are factored into decisions affecting transportation activities that can be sustained into the indefinite future without causing irreparable harm to future generation of Hawaii.

Hawaii State Legislature

While the Hawaii State Legislature is in Session, HDOT monitors the thousands of bills that have been introduced and could become law. For those bills that we believe could impact the way we do business, we submit written testimony expressing our support, opposition, or concerns. HDOT’s testimony can be found on the Legislature’s website.