Field Sampling and Testing Qualification Program (FSTQP) and Independent Assurance (IA) Reviews

Tentative Schedule of FSTQP examinations and IA reviews

September 2018 Field Sampling and Testing Qualification: Exam Brochure and Registration Forms

Field Sampling and Examination.

Field Sampling and Testing Qualification Examination will be held at 2530 Likelike Highway. Parking is limited. Attendant directed parking for participants.

Status of Examination Seats as of July 23, 2018  

For up-to-date seat availability please call Faith Keene at 832-3404

Registration ends for the Examination Unit when the seats for the Examination Unit is filled.

Examination Unit Seats Available
 Concrete 9/5-7/2018  CLOSED
 Soils and Aggregate  1st Session 9/12-18/2018  CLOSED
 Soils and Aggregate 2nd Session (if 1st filled)  9/19-25/2018 9/19/18   CLOSED
9/24/18   CLOSED
9/25/18   CLOSED
 Asphalt 1st Session 9/8 & 10-11/2018 9/8/18 AM      CLOSED
9/8/18 PM      CLOSED
9/10/18 AM    CLOSED
9/10/18 PM    CLOSED
 Asphalt 2nd Session (if 1st filled)  9/22 & 26-27/2018  CLOSED