Weather Advisories

No weather-related events at this time, please see our recap of events related to then Tropical Storm Olivia at

Highway Updates

7:52 update September 13: #Maui #Olivia  Hana Highway at mile marker 14 (Honomanu) has been cleared.

5:14 pm September 13 update: #Oahu #hitraffic #hiwx Fallen tree on light pole and utility lines on Kamehameha Highway at the entrance at Malaekana Beach Park. Our Hauula crew is on the way.

6 pm, September 13 update: #Maui #Olivia Tree down on Hana Highway at mile marker 14 (Honomanu area) blocking one lane. Crews responding. #hiwx #hitraffic

5:00 pm September 13 update: ‪#Oahu #Olivia The debris from Kalihi Stream, including a huge tree, has been removed. All lanes of Dillingham Blvd are open. Always remember what is up stream will eventually come down stream. Dispose of green waste properly. #hiwx #hitraffic‬

2:30 pm September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia The crew is off the road on Pali Highway near Castle Junction (intersection of Pali and Kamehameha) as of 2:30 p.m. They cleared the shoulder drain pipe on the right side of the Honolulu bound lanes. #hiwx #hitraffic

2:18 pm September 13: #Oahu #Olivia Our crews just removed this tree from under the Kalihi Stream Bridge. Please remember that what goes into the stream effects infrastructure downstream. Tossing yard waste and other debris clogs things up and could result in flooding! #hiwx #hitraffic

Tree removed from under the Kalihi Stream Bridge.

1:19 pm September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia Our Wahiawa Crew is finishing up removal of a fallen tree on Kamehameha Highway approaching Kipapa Stream Bridge (Waipio/Mililani area). #hiwx #hitraffic

1:14 pm September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia Pali Lookout Access Road cleared. #hiwx #hitraffic

1:08 pm September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia Crews finishing up on H-1 eastbound in Waimalu. The work to clear the drain at the Kaahumanu Overpass has been completed. #hiwx #hitraffic

1 pm September 13 update: #Maui #Olivia Minor debris and branches on Hana Highway at mile markers 16 and 14.5 (Honomanu/Keanae area). Crews should have it clear shortly. #hiwx #hitraffic

11:18 am September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia Crews will be closing Honolulu bound right lane of Pali Highway near Castle Junction (intersection of Pali and Kamehameha) to clear shoulder drain pipe beginning at noon. #hiwx #hitraffic

11 am September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia Our crews will be working to clear flood debris from H-1 eastbound at the Kaahumanu overpass and on Dillingham Boulevard at the Kalihi Stream Bridge. If you’re driving in the area, please keep an eye out for them. #hiwx #hitraffic

10:52 am September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia Per HNL Info, Kamehameha Hwy between Waikane Valley Road and Waiahole Valley Road is now fully opened as of 10:52 a.m. #hiwx #hitraffic

10:05 am September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia HDOT crews have cleared the flooding on Kalanianaole Hwy near the Makapuu lighthouse. All lanes have reopened. Continue to drive with caution. #hitraffic #hiwx

HDOT crews work to clear a drain on Kalanianaole Highway near the Makapuu Lighthouse. The water is now gone and all lanes have reopened.

9:40 am September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia Kamehameha Hwy between Waikane Valley Road and Waiahole Valley Road is closed in both directions due to flooding on the roadway. Avoid the area as traffic is backing up. #hitraffic #hiwx

9:15 am September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia Traffic on Kalanianaole Hwy near the Makapuu Lighthouse is now being contraflowed due to flooding on the roadway. Thank you to HPD for the traffic control and coordination. #hiwx #hitraffic

8:55 am September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia It is raining hard across most of Oahu right now. Please drive with extreme caution. Check for traffic conditions before starting your drive. #hitraffic #hiwx

8:45 am September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia Hawaii Kai bound lanes of Kalanianaole Hwy near Makapuu Lighthouse are closed due to flooding on the roadway. HDOT crews are responding. Avoid the area and drive safely. #hiwx #hitraffic

8:35 am September 13 update: #Oahu #Olivia Crews are responding to ponding in the right shoulder lane on the H1 Fwy eastbound near the Kaahumanu overpass. Please avoid that lane and drive with caution through Aiea. #hitraffic #hiwx

1:45 am September 13 update: ‪#Oahu #Olivia HDOT crews are clearing debris on the roadway from flooding on the Pali Hwy Honolulu bound near Castle Junction. Drive with caution. #hiwx #hitraffic‬
11:39 pm September 12 update: #Oahu Crews checked H-1 eastbound in Waimalu and found the ponding was limited to the shoulder at the Waimalu Viaduct, not at the Kaonohi overpass as previously reported. They cleared nearby drains and will return tomorrow.

For the Kalihi Stream Bridge, crew observed water flowing through all bays of the bridge with no visible debris to remove. Water level is currently 18-22″ from the bottom of the bridge deck.

11:25 pm September 12 update: #Oahu #Olivia @HwnElectric is off the road on Kamehameha Highway at Sunset Elementary. #hitraffic #hiwx

11 pm September 12 update: #Oahu #Olivia Crew will check out Kalihi Stream bridge at Dillingham. Water level is not overtopping the bridge at this time. #hiwx #hitraffic

10 pm September 12 update: ‪#Oahu #Olivia There is ponding on the H1 Fwy eastbound near the Kaonohi Overpass in the right lane and shoulder. Crews are responding. Drive with caution. #hiwx #hitraffic‬

9:10 pm September 12 update: #Oahu #Olivia update on Kamehamema Highway near Sunset Elementary: @HwnElectric cleaning up; should be off the road by 10 pm, September 12. #hiwx #hitraffic

5:20 pm, September 12 update: Hana Highway and Honoapiilani Highway on Maui is clear. Kamehameha V Highway on Molokai is passable, but water is still flowing through the fords. Please exercise caution on the roads as flash flooding is still possible.

4 pm 9/12 update: #Oahu #Olivia Northbound traffic on Kamehameha Highway near Sunset Elementary is being allowed past the downed tree. Southbound traffic detoured on Ke Nui Road. #hiwx #hitraffic

3:30 p.m. 9/12/18 update#Maui #OliviaLandslide and boulder blocking one lane on Hana Highway near mile marker 13-14 (Honomanu area). Crews are responding. #hiwx #hitraffic

2:18 pm September 12 update#Maui #Olivia Honoapiilani Highway at mm 32.41 (Honolua Bridge) is currently covered by flood waters. A four person crew is currently on the other side waiting for the waters to subside. #hiwx #hitraffic

2 pm September 12 update: #Oahu #Olivia Iron wood tree blocking both sides of Kamehameha Highway near Sunset Elementary. #hiwx #hitraffic

1:45 pm September 12 update: Hana Highway at mm 33.8 (near Kawai Ola Place) has been cleared, continue to use caution in the area due to flooding.

1:30 pm September 12 update: #Molokai #Olivia Flooding on Kamehameha V Highway at mile marker 10 (near Kawalo Wharf Road). Use caution in the area. #hiwx #hitraffic

12:40 pm September 12 update: #Molokai #Olivia HDOT crews are removing debris from the inlet on Maunaloa Hwy at Manila Camp River on Molokai. #hiwx #hitraffic

12:34 p.m. September 12 update:  HDOT crews have removed the fallen tree on the Likelike Hwy Kaneohe bound. All lanes are open. Continue to drive with caution especially on wet roads.

12:28 p.m. September 12 #Maui #Olivia update : Crews responding to downed tree at mile marker 28 (near Lanikele Bridge).

Local traffic being allowed through at Kawai Ola Place (mm 33.8) closure, but please continue to avoid the area. #hitraffic #hiwx

12:15 pm September 12 update: Maui County reporting Hana Highway near Kawai Ola Place is closed due to a downed tree. Estimated closure is 4 hours, but could be 8 hours if MECO needs to replace a pole.

11:50 am September 12 update: #Oahu #Olivia A tree is blocking the right lane of the Likelike Hwy in the Kaneohe bound direction approximately half a mile before the Wilson Tunnel. HDOT crews are responding. #hiwx #hitraffic

11:30 am September 12 update:#Oahu #Olivia Diamond Head Road near Makalei Place is closed in both directions due to a large fallen tree. #hiwx #hitraffic

11:20 am September 12 update: #Oahu #Olivia The Pali Lookout Road is closed in both directions throughout the weather event as requested by DLNR. HDOT crews are already working to clear one fallen tree on the Honolulu bound side. #hiwx #hitraffic

11 am September 12 update: #Oahu #Olivia HDOT crews are responding to a fallen tree on the Pali Lookout Road on the Honolulu bound side. HPD is closing the road. The Pali Hwy itself is not involved. #hiwx #hitraffic

9:55 am September 12 update: #Maui #Olivia MECO crews are working on an unstable utility pole on Hana Hwy near Hansen Road. Right lane in Hana bound direction is closed. #hiwx #hitraffic

9:45 am September 12 update: #Maui #Olivia HDOT crews have cleared the two fallen trees on Hana Hwy at mile markers 21 and 26. Wind and rain continues and small debris may fall on the roadway. People should continue to avoid Hana Hwy. #hiwx #hitraffic

8:15 am September 12 update: #Maui #Olivia Some traffic lights are reported to be blinking. If traffic signals are out drivers should treat intersections as an all way stop. Drive with caution, especially on wet roads. #Hiwx #hitraffic

‪7:50 am September 12 update: #Maui #Olivia Kahului bound lane of Hana Hwy at mile marker 26 is blocked due to a downed tree. Crews are responding. #hiwx #hitraffic‬

7:15 am September 12 update: #Maui #Olivia Hana Hwy near mile marker 21 is blocked in both directions due to a fallen tree. HDOT crews are responding. Avoid the roadway. #hiwx #hitraffic‬

7:10 am September 12 update: #Maui #Olivia HDOT crews have cleared Hana Hwy at mile marker 14 near Honomanu. The road is open but people should avoid the area. #hiwx #hitraffic

6:30 a.m. Wednesday, September 12, 2018: #Maui #hitraffic #hiwx update: Both lanes of Hana Highway at mile marker 14 are blocked due to landslide.

3:45 p.m. Tuesday, September 11, 2018: #Oahu #HItraffic update: Right lane of the Likelike Hwy, Kaneohe bound before the Wilson Tunnel is blocked due to a fallen tree branch. HDOT crews are working to clear the lane. The lane is not expected to be closed for long. #Olivia

As of 10 a.m. Tuesday, September 11, 2018, motorists unfamiliar with Hana Highway (Route 360) are urged to avoid the area as a Tropical Storm Warning continues for Maui County. Details on HDOT’s preparations on this route can be found at 

General advice for motorists includes:

  • Keep your gas tank at least half-full in case you need to evacuate or move to higher ground.
  • Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and use your headlights if you are driving in rainy conditions. Turning on your headlights increases your visibility and helps make other drivers aware of you.
  • Do not drive through fast moving water or water of indeterminable depth. You could stall out your car or your vehicle could be washed away. As little as 24-inches of moving water could possibly wash away a vehicle.
  • Do not drive in high winds, especially in high profile vehicles as you risk your vehicle being pushed by winds or rolled over.
  • Following high wind events be cautious on the road as debris and live electrical lines could cause damage to you and your vehicle.

Updates and information on state routes will be posted over HDOT’s social media accounts, and

News Release on Tropical Storm Olivia as of 4:30 p.m. Sept. 11, 2018 available here.

News Release on Tropical Cyclone Olivia as of 4 p.m. Sept. 10, 2018 available here.

Airport Updates

Air travelers with confirmed tickets for travel into or out of Hawaii airports are encouraged to check with their airline for potential flight delays, cancelations, or travel waivers before going to the airport.

In general, State of Hawaii airports will remain open unless there is damage to the runway or terminal facilities.

As of 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, September 12, 2018, There are no weather related effects to airport operations at this time. Ohana by Hawaiian flights for Maui County have been canceled for Wednesday. Ticketed and confirmed passengers are reminded to check with their airlines, either by viewing their website or by calling their customer service number, prior to heading to the airport.

As of 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, September 11, 2018, no flight cancellations have been announced and there are no weather related effects to airport operations at this time.

Harbor Updates

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, September 12, 2018, All commercial harbors statewide have been returned to Hurricane Season readiness by the Captain of the Port, which means that harbors operations in water and on land may resume.

As of 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, September 12, 2018, land side operations have resumed at Oahu, Maui, Molokai, and Lanai harbors. USCG Captain of the Port to make determination on vessel traffic at a later time. #hiwx

As of 9 a.m. Wednesday, September 12, 2018, Assessments have been completed at Kawaihae, Hilo, Nawiliwili, and Port Allen Harbors and the Captain of the Port has returned them to Hurricane Preparedness status, which means operations can resume at these Hawaii Island and Kauai ports.

As of 12 p.m. Tuesday, September 11, 2018, Commercial Harbors statewide have been placed in Zulu by the United States Coast Guard Captain of the Port. Port Condition Zulu is set within 12 hours of the expected onset of tropical storm (or gale force) winds. During Zulu, all movements within commercial harbors require approval of the Captain of the Port.

As of 8 a.m. Monday, September 10, 2018, commercial ports in Hawaii and Maui Counties have been placed into condition Yankee by the United States Coast Guard Captain of the Port. At port condition Yankee no vessels may enter, transit, or remain within the harbor safety zone without permission of the Captain of the Port. Condition Yankee is set 24 hours in advance of potential tropical storm force winds (39 to 73 mph). For more information on port conditions visit the harbor’s hurricane preparedness page here