Weather Related Traffic Alerts

Road Closures

  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic #hanalei hill update for 3/17
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic #hanalei hill update for 3/16
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/16 update on right lane closure Kamehameha Highway westbound by Waihona Street. Contractor has been working to remove loose material and repair rockfall netting. Estimate reopening lane around 8 p.m. Note: they will temporarily reopen for the PM peak.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic #hanalei hill update 3/16: Emergency access lane for responders to provide critical services–sanitation, potable water, fire suppression, first responders, etc.–is running. Plan for public access will follow.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/16 8AM Kamehameha Highway westbound, right lane closed by Waihona Street due to small slide.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic 3/15 update on #hanalei hill
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic Lane Closure: Farrington Hwy Eastbound, area of Waianae Satellite City Hall, 1 lane flooding. Use Caution.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic #hanalei more photos of Kuhio Highway at mile marker 1 (Hanalei Hill leading to the bridge) from March 14. Road remains closed. Work to clear debris is nearly done. Remaining work is installing barriers, rock fence, and a side barrier on downslope.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic
    -Please use caution on Hwy 11 south bound between Stainback Highway and Kipimana Street. Ponding on the roadway in some areas.
    -Bayfront Highway is closed due to high surf.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic 3/14 update on #hanalei hill
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/14 10:20AM crew will be addressing small rockfall on Hana Highway at Maliko Gulch in Haiku.
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/14 10:16AM closing makai lane of Hana Hwy (Rte 360) at MM 3 (just past Twin Falls) to investigate the culvert.
  • Maui #hitraffic 3/14 4:30AM Kahului-bound lanes of Honoapiilani Highway near Shaw Street (by the Lahaina Aquatic Center) are blocked as result of 2 downed trees following a MVC.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic March 13 update on the Hanalei Hill landslide on Kuhio Highway at mile marker 1 can be read at
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/13 1:54PM water levels have come down on Haleakala Highway near Firebreak Road (by Mahi Pono/former A&B fields). Continue to drive with caution.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 3/13 1:25PM Both lanes on Highway 11 near the 60 mile marker at Honu`apo in Kaʻū are now OPEN to all traffic.
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/13 11:46AM flooding on Haleakala Highway near the Mahi Pono fields (old A&B farmland).
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 3/13 11:40AM one lane open on Highway 11 at MM 60 near Honu`apo in Kaʻū.
  • Hawaii Island #hitraffic 10:47AM closure at Highway 11 and Kahaopea Road to replace a traffic signal downed by a MVC. Detour to Kawailani Street or Kanoelehua Avenue.
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/13 10:16AM crew responding to report of tree down on Hana Highway at Maliko Gulch. Lane(s) may be blocked.
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/13 10:15AM Kula Highway MM 20.5 by Ulupalakua. One lane open.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 3/13 9:45AM Highway 11 is CLOSED MM 60 near Honu`apo in Kaʻū due to flooding. There are no alternate routes. Motorists are advised to drive with caution and remain on the look out for run-off, ponding and debris on roadways.
  • Central Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/13 9:32AM
    -Utility pole down on Hana Highway at Hansen Road. Exercise caution.
    -Traffic signal at Hana Highway and Haleakala is out. MPD Directing traffic.
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/13 8AM flooding at Puunene Ave and Wakea St. Crew is responding and will check Dairy Rd after.
  • Maui #hitraffic 3/13 7AM signal down at Honoapiilani Highway and Kai Malina Parkway due to a MVC. Contractor is responding.
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/13 7AM water over Kula Highway at MM 20.5, mud on road at MM 21 (Ulupalakua area).
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic avoid:
    -Honoapiilani Hwy (the Pali) by the tunnel. Landslide on the Wailuku side.
    -Honoapiilani Hwy between Shaw and Dickenson. Crew F is responding to MPD request for barricades.
    -Kula Hwy MM 16&8. Water/debris on road. (pic below)

  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic Road Closure Update 3/13 1:30AM: Kalanianaole Hwy between Haunama Bay and Halona is now back open. Debris cleared off the roadway.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/12 11:44PM Road Closure: Kalanianaole Hwy is closed between Haunama Bay & Halona due to a mud/rock slide blocking the road with debris.
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/12 10:40PM crews responding to reports of ponding on Hana Highway at Hanamau Street (by Maui Toyota) and Haleakala Highway near Firebreak Road.
  • Kauai March 12 update on Kuhio Highway closures. Earliest anticipated emergency access at Hanalei Hill location is early in the week of March 15.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/11 2:30PM update on Kamehameha Highway at Kualoa. Both lanes are open.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic March 11 update Kuhio Highway closed between Kolopua Apartments and Hanalei Plantation Road, remains closed at Hanalei Hill, single lane closure near Waikoko
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/11 11:50AM update on Kamehameha Highway at Kualoa. Opening the northbound lane for contraflow. Road will fully reopen once barriers are set and filled and the road is washed down.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/11 11AM update on Kamehameha Highway at Kualoa. Road remains closed in both directions. On schedule to reopen for the afternoon commute. Crews will set barriers to prevent additional material from impacting travel lanes and wash down the road.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/11 9:40AM update on Kamehameha Highway at Kualoa. Road remains closed in both directions. Crews continue removal of debris and grading to reduce the chance of more material coming down in anticipated wet weather.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic 8:28AM, 3/11 update on Kuhio Hwy at Hanalei Hill (MM 1). New slide has completely blocked the road and pavement is affected. Crews continue to monitor and will address and assess when it is safe. We will provide time frames following the assessment.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/11 7:38 AM update on Kamehameha Highway at Kualoa: Target for reopening the road is 2PM, weather permitting, based on need for continued debris clearance and assessments of the slope.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic 3/11 7:33 AM update: Conditions on Kuhio Highway (Rte 560) at mile marker 1 (Hanalei Hill) this morning. Debris continues to come down.

  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/11 6:49 AM update on Kamehameha Highway at Kualoa. Crews are still clearing debris and removing loose material from the hillside that might pose further landslide threat. Landslide is at Kualoa Point near the back entrance to Kualoa Ranch.
  • #hiwx #hitraffic update for 3/11 as of 5:45AM
    Oahu – Kamehameha at Waiahole and Waimea is open, remains closed at Kualoa (crew out last night is being relieved, second crew is still removing debris)
    Kauai – Kuhio Hwy at Hanalei Hill remains closed. Single lane closed at Waikoko.
    No reported closures on Maui or Hawaii Island.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic Road Closure Update 3/11 3:55AM: Kamehameha Hwy, area of Waimea Beach Park, all lanes of traffic are open.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 9:28 PM second landslide on Kamehameha Highway at Kualoa.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 9:10 PM crews are out at Kualoa, Waiahole, and Waimea (Kualoa and Waimea pictured as of 8:33PM). 
  • Maui #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 7:19PM one lane closed on Hana Highway at MM 19 due to landslide.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic Kamehameha Hwy, area of Waimea Beach Park, Mauka Lane closed due to boulders in roadway. Contraflow in place to maintain traffic in both directions.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic Kamehameha Highway closed in both directions at Kualoa Regional Park area due to flooding and debris.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic Kuhio Highway (Rte 560) at MM 1 (both lanes) and MM 4.5 (one lane) to remain closed until slopes stabilize
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 5:40 PM Kamehameha Highway at Waikane Bridge has been reopened.
    Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 4:49 PM Kamehameha Highway at Waikane Bridge is closed again.
    Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 4:06 PM update: Kamehameha Hwy at Waikane Bridge has been reopened.
    Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 3:21 PM Kamehameha Hwy at Waikane Bridge is Closed in both directions due to flooding.
    @NWSHonolulu states A low west of Kauai will maintain the chance of heavy rain statewide through Friday evening. Sign up for alerts and stay informed.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 2:52 PM landslide in the shoulder of Pali Highway Kailua/Kaneohe bound by the hairpin turn has been cleared.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 1:48PM Highway 11 near S. Glenwood Road (Mountain View) is open in both directions.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 1:29 PM our Windward crew is heading out to check on a report of landslide on Pali Highway Kailua/Kaneohe bound by the hairpin turn. Reported debris is in the shoulder but please drive with caution around it and our crew.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic closing a single lane lane on Kuhio Highway between Kuamoo Road and Haleilio Road to top ironwoods. The ironwoods along the highway have had their roots exposed by the storm. Topping them will help prevent them from falling on the highway.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 11:53 AM Kuhio Highway in the vicinity of Hanalei Bridge is open to a single lane, but the highway remains closed at mile marker 1 heading to Hanalei Hill due to material coming down from the slope. Also, reminder, there is a 15 ton weight restriction on Hanalei Bridge (most passenger vehicles are 2 tons).
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 10AM Kuhio Highway (Rte 560) one lane blocked at mile marker 1 leading up to Hanalei Hill due to landslide.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 8:50 AM crew is headed out to check reports of flooding on Kuhio Highway between North Koolau and Kapuna Road (between Anahola and Kilauea). Receiving reports of heavy rain on the north shore. Do not be out on the roads unless absolutely necessary.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 8:30 AM closing both lanes of Kuhio Highway (Rte 560) at Waikoko due to debris on the road. Will be closed until heavy downpour passes and our crew can clear.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 5:55AM single lane remains closed on Highway 11 near S. Glenwood Street in Mountain View due to fallen trees.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 5:46 AM Hawaii Police Dept. reports numerous areas of ponding on Keaau-Pahoa Road (Highway 130). Use caution if you have to be on the road.
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 5:43 AM Flash Flood Warning remains in effect through 6:45 AM. Kuhio Highway in the vicinity of Hanalei Bridge remains closed.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 3/10 12:19 AM Kamehameha Highway in Hauula (Pipilani Place), Kahaluu, and Waikane-Waiahole is open. Hope you are all safe after this flood event. Much mahalo to our crews on all islands, especially the crew that worked into the night to shore up the embankment of Kaipapau Bridge.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 11:58PM Kamehameha Hwy at Wailehua Rd (Kahaluu) is open.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 11:55 PM: Haleiwa evacuation order canceled. Haleiwa area roads open but drivers advised to use caution as roads may still have debris, ponding.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 10:15PM update: Both lanes open on Highway 11 at MP 19.5 (between Volcano and Mountain View).
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 10:14 PM update: Highway 19 at MP 15.75 and MP 16 are open in both directions.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 8:43PM rockfall on Highway 19 at MP 15.75. One lane open. This is a quarter mile from the previous landslide on the Hilo side of Hakalau Bridge.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 8:40PM evacuation order for Haleiwa including Weed Circle to Paalaa Rd, Joseph P. Leong Hwy to the ocean is still in place.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 7:42 PM update: Kamehemeha Highway at Waikane has been reopened.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 6:29PM single lane closure on Highway 19 at MP 16 (Hakalau Bridge) due to landslide.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic 6:13PM Kamehameha Hwy at Wailehua Rd (Kahaluu) reported closed
  • .@Oahu_DEM has opened evacuation sites for people affected by the flooding on the North Shore. See the list at Avoid all non-essential travel and remember not to try to cross fast moving water.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 5:49 PM update: one lane open on Highway 11 at MP 19.5 (between Volcano and Mountain View).
  • Kauai #hiwx #hitraffic 5:15 PM: Kuhio Highway closed in the vicinity of Hanalei Bridge.
  • Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic 5PM: fallen tree on Highway 11 at MP 19.5 (between Volcano and Mountain View). Both lanes blocked.
  • Oahu #hiwx #hitraffic roads 4:52 PM update:
    @Oahu_DEM notice to EVACUATE Haleiwa, including Weed Circle to Paalaa Rd, Joseph P. Leong Hwy to ocean.
    -Right lane of Pali Hwy at the hairpin turn is open.
    -Kamehameha Hwy at Sacred Falls is open.
    -Kamehameha Hwy Waiahole-Waikane is closed
    EVACUATE NOW from Haleiwa, including Weed Circle to Paalaa Rd, Joseph P. Leong Hwy to the ocean.
    Evacuation points are open at Wahiawa District Park and Waialua High. If you are in these zones, LEAVE NOW.
  • March 9, 4:44 PM: Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic both lanes of Highway 11 open at MP 60 (Honuapo).
  • March 9, 3:53 PM: Hawaii Island #hiwx #hitraffic single lane closed on Highway 11 (Mamalahoa) at MP 60 in Pahala (Honuapo area) due to flooding.
  • March 9, 3:28 PM:
    Oahu #hitraffic #hiwx update on Kamehameha Hwy closures:
    Hauula near Pipilani Place
    Sacred Falls
    (This is Waiahole Bridge)
    Stay off the road if possible, if not, don’t drive across fast moving waters or waters where you can’t determine depth.
  • March 9, 2:34 PM: Oahu #hitraffic #hiwx Kamehameha Highway is closed in both directions near Pipilani Place in Hauula due to flooding.
  • March 9, 1 PM: Oahu #hitraffic #hiwx right lane on Pali Highway Kailua/Kaneohe bound is blocked before the hairpin turn due to landslide.
    Crews also working to clear debris on Kamehameha Highway between Pupukea and Sunset Beach.
  • March 9, 11:16 AM: Oahu #hitraffic Road Closure on Kam Hwy between Wailehua Rd/Waikane Store in both directions. Contra-flow in the area of Kam Hwy/Kualoa Ranch.
  • March 9, 11:12 AM Update: Maui #hitraffic #hiwx landslides on Hana Highway at MP 10 and 13 (Garden of Eden/Keanae side). Single lane open at both points. Please drive with caution as our crews work to clear debris.
  • March 9, 8 AM Update: Hawaii Island #hitraffic #hiwx Hilo-bound lane of Bayfront Highway is open. Drive with caution.
  • March 9, 6 AM Maui #hiwx update: Maui County advises Haiku residents that evacuated due to the threat of the Kaupakalua Dam overtopping should avoid returning until it is safe.
  • March 8, 7 PM Maui #hitraffic #hiwx update: Evacuations for the area surrounding Kaupakalua Dam remain in effect. Hana Highway has been reopened between Peahi Road and Keanae.
  • March 8, 7 PM: Hawaii Island #hitraffic #hiwx Bayfront Highway in Hilo is closed. The County’s Kamehameha Ave is closed at its intersection with Pauahi St.
  • March 8, 6:57 PM: Hawaii Island #hitraffic HWY 19 at MP 28.5 (Kawalii Gulch) Hilo-bound lane has been reopened.
  • March 8, 5:48 PM: Hawaii Island #hitraffic HWY 19 at MP 28.5 (Kawalii Gulch) Hilo-bound lane closed due to landslide.
  • March 8, 3:28 PM: Maui #hiwx evacuate to Paia Community Center or Hana High School if you are below the Kaupakalua Dam (the area identified in red on the NWS warning).
  • March 8, 3:20 PM: Maui #hitraffic #hiwx Paia, Haiku residents be aware and check Maui County alerts . From NWS: A Flash Flood Warning has been issued for the imminent failure of the KAUPAKULUA DAM until 5:45 PM HST. Areas downstream of the dam, including Hana Highway between Haiku and Pauwela, follow instruction from Maui County Authorities. #HIwx 

Please continue to follow HDOT’s social media accounts, and for updates.

Tips to Consider When Driving in the Rain

The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) urges drivers to educate themselves on how to prepare for rainy weather and exercise safe driving practices. Even before rainfall, motorists should check their cars to make sure they are in proper working condition before getting on the road. When driving through the rain, functional lights, tires, and windshield wipers are essential for optimum safety. Roadways can become very slick during rainy weather, so drive cautiously and make sure to give yourself enough stopping distance to avoid collisions. If flooding or ponding occurs on the road, avoid the area. Rushing water has enough force to carry vehicles.

Preventative Actions

  1. Always use your seat belt and make sure that all passengers are properly restrained.
  2. Make sure all lights on your vehicle are in working order. This includes headlights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, and interior lights.
  3. Rainy conditions limit visibility, so do what you can to maintain a clear view. Make sure your windshield wipers are in working order, and keep your windshield and windows clean. If windows fog up, use your air conditioner to reduce humidity.
  4. Check your tires regularly to make sure they have adequate tread. This will reduce your chances of hydroplaning and skidding.

Actions to Take While Driving

  1. Turn your headlights on even in a light rain or in gloomy, foggy, or overcast conditions. It will help you see the road and help other drivers see you. If your car has daytime running lights, you should still put your headlights on, so vehicles behind you can see you better.
  2. Do not drive through flood waters. As little as 1 foot of rushing water to carry away a small car, while 2 feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles.
  3. Slow down to avoid hydroplaning, and allow for increased stopping distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you as tires do not grip as well to wet roadways.
  4. Do not use cruise control.
  5. Drive defensively. Steering around an obstacle is preferred over braking to avoid a collision since sudden braking on wet roadways can lead to skidding especially at speeds over 25 mph.
  6. If your car begins to skid, avoid slamming on the brakes as this will make it harder to regain control. Instead, continue to steer in the direction you want to go until your wheels have regained traction.