Weather Related Traffic Alerts

Road Closures

Current closures and road impacts from February Winter Storm on Feb. 10, 2019.


#Kauai #hitraffic update 2/10 6:28 PM: Construction barge at Hanapepe River Bridge has been secured and will be placed back at the site tomorrow.

#Kauai #hitraffic update as of 2/10 4:44 PM: All state routes currently open. Power remains out to the traffic signal at Kuhio Highway and Kuamoo. Contractor will be using boats at Hanapepe River Bridge site to retrieve construction barge.

#Kauai #hitraffic update: Traffic signal out at Kuhio Highway and Kuamoo. Expect delays in the area.

update: Kuhio Highway (Route 560) is open between Hanalei and Kee Beach for residents. Crews responding to report of fallen tree at Kuamoo Road and Lilia Place.

Trees reported down on the north shore. Placed additional shoring at Waikoko sites last night and this morning. Crews continue to monitor the work sites on Kuhio Highway (Route 560).


#Oahu #hitraffic 2/10 8:39 PM: Crew finished clearing sand off Kamehameha Highway to Sunset Beach, working towards Haleiwa now.

#Oahu #hitraffic 2/10 6:49 PM: Crews are currently cleaning sand and debris off Kamehameha Highway between Laniakea and Sunset Beach. Will update when they are finished.

#Oahu #hitraffic: Tree on Vineyard at Queen Emma has been removed. The crew moved on to assist City crew with fallen tree in Waikiki.

#Oahu #hitraffic: Crews are monitoring Kamehameha Highway on the north shore and our roadway and electrical crews  helped City clear Nuuanu Pali Drive.

#Oahu #hitraffic update 2/10 2:56 PM: Tree down on the Kalihi Street onramp to the H-1 eastbound. Crews are onsite.

#Oahu #hitraffic update 2/10 1:43 PM: All lanes reopened on Pali Highway at Waokanaka. Crews completed clean up and secured electrical lines.

#Oahu #hitraffic update 2/10 1:15PM: Tree down on Kalanianaole Highway eastbound blocking the left lane by Analii St.

update: Crew cleaned up branches on Liliha Street onramp to the H-1 Freeway eastbound.

update: Tree down on Pali Highway Kailua bound by the Nuuanu Pali Drive intersection. Two right lanes blocked. Crews are responding.

High winds causing pole damage on Kunia Road, fallen tree and power line at Pali Highway at Waokanaka (Honolulu bound), and fallen tree at H-1 westbound by the School Street onramp occurred this morning. Crews continue to respond.

Maui County

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/11 5:49 AM: Traffic signal on Maui Veterans Highway and Kamaaina is flashing. Crew is responding.

#Maui #hitraffic update as of 12:35 AM 2/11: Signals on Honoapiilani Highway (Shaw, Hokiokio, Kai Hele Ku) and on the Lahaina Bypass (Hokiokio and Kai Hele Ku) are flashing. Contractor is responding.

#Maui hitraffic update as of 12:24 PM 2/11: Hana Highway is all clear.

#Maui #hitraffic update as of 11:30 PM 2/10: All previously reporting flashing traffic signals on Maui are operational. Power remains out at Central Maui baseyard.

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/10 8:54 PM: Currently working on the signal at Maui Veterans Highway and Hansen Road. When done, will move on to the other flashing signals. Waiehu Beach Road and Eha are also reported as flashing. Please use caution if you are on the road in these areas.

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/10 8:40 PM: Signals flashing at Main and High Street, Main and Market Street, Kaahumanu Ave and Lunalilo Street, Dairy Road and Haleakala Highway, and Keolani Place.

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/10 5:13 PM: Traffic signal flashing at Puukoli and Honoapiilani Highway.

#Maui #hitraffic update as of 2/10 4:54 PM: Crews responding to 14 reports of fallen trees/branches on Hana Highway between mile markers 0 and 15.

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/10 3:47 PM: Tree down on Crater Road at mile marker 9. Crew is onsite.

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/10 3:27 PM: Maui Veterans Highway closed approaching Kahului due to a motor vehicle collision. Cars being routed to Hansen Road.

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/10 2:59 PM: Power outage reported in Kahului. All signals in the area are reported out.

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/10 2:54 PM: Traffic signals out on Kaahumanu Avenue at intersections with Papa/Wahinepio, Kanaloa, and Lunalilo.

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/10 2:43 PM: Traffic signals currently flashing at Kuihelani at Maui Lani, Puunene at Papa, Puunene at Wakea, Puunene at Kamehameha, Hana at Wakea, Hana at Airport Access Road, Maui Veterans Highway at Hookele, Maui Veterans Highway at Hansen. Please use caution and treat as an all way stop.

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/10 1:27 PM: Traffic signal on Kuikahi is working. Honoapiilani Highway and Waiko Road and Piikana are still out.

#Maui #hitraffic update 2/10 1:23 PM: Tree down on Kula Highway by the post office. Traffic signals on Haleakala Highway are now operational.

#Maui #hitraffic update: Report of fallen tree on Hana Highway in the vicinity of Mile Marker 14 or 15.

#Maui #hitraffic update: Tree down on Kekaulike and Honoapiilani Highway south of Kai Hele Ku Street. Crew is responding.

update: Traffic signals on Haleakala Highway on Maui were impacted by the storm and are flashing. Contractor is responding. Traffic signals on Honoapiilani Highway at Waiko Road, Piikana, and Kuikahi are out due to power outage. Treat as a four-way stop.

Traffic signals on Haleakala Highway on Maui were impacted by the storm and are flashing. Contractor is responding. Traffic signals on Honoapiilani Highway at Waiko Road, Piikana, and Kuikahi are out due to power outage. Treat as a four-way stop.

Hawaii Island

#HawaiiIsland #hitraffic #hiwx notice: Highway 19 between mile markers 38 and 39 (Kalopa) will be down to one lane from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow, 2/12, as @HIElectricLight crews replace poles damaged in the Winter Storm. Expect delays.

#HawaiiIsland #hitraffic update 2/11 8:50 AM: per HAWAII POLICE DEPT: Highway 19 between the 38 and 39 mile marker is open in both directions. 

#HawaiiIsland #hitraffic update 2/11 5:35 AM: We’ve been advised by MKSS rangers that the Mauna Kea Access Road is closed due to black ice.  Their road crew will work on deicing later this morning.

As of 4:13 AM, 2/11 all state routes are clear except Highway 19 between mile markers 38 and 39. HELCO is currently working line repairs in the area. Bayfront Highway in Hilo also remains closed due to high surf pending evaluation.

#HawaiiIsland #hitraffic (2/11. 1 AM) Crews cleared a tree blocking the Hilo-bound lane of Highway 19 at MM 28.5 (Kaawalii Gulch).

#HawaiiIsland #hitraffic update as of 2/10 11:30 PM: Both lanes of Route 240 between mile markers 3 and 4 are open.

: Route 270 at MM 22.41 and Highway 11 at MM 69 are open as of 8:29 PM.

#HawaiiIsland #hitraffic: Route 270 at MM 22.41 is completely closed due to a fallen tree and pole.

#HawaiiIsland #hitraffic as of 2/10 7:28 PM: Routes 11 (MM 69); 19 (MM 42); 240 (MM 3-4); and, 270 (22.41) have been reduced due to fallen trees, poles, and landslide.

#HawaiiIsland #hitraffic 2/10 6:43 PM: Both lanes of Highway 19 between Mile Markers 38-39 are closed due to downed utility poles.

#HawaiiIsland #hitraffic 2/10 5:56 PM: Tree down on Highway 19 at Mile Marker 39.

#HawaiiIsland #hitraffic Crews assisting DLNR with fire at Mauna Kea by providing water with our water truck.

Bayfront Highway closed earlier today due to high surf. Anticipate remaining closed through Wednesday. Crews remain on standby to respond to high wind damage.


Please continue to follow HDOT’s social media accounts, and for updates.


Tips to Consider When Driving in the Rain

The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) urges drivers to educate themselves on how to prepare for rainy weather and exercise safe driving practices. Even before rainfall, motorists should check their cars to make sure they are in proper working condition before getting on the road. When driving through the rain, functional lights, tires, and windshield wipers are essential for optimum safety. Roadways can become very slick during rainy weather, so drive cautiously and make sure to give yourself enough stopping distance to avoid collisions. If flooding or ponding occurs on the road, avoid the area. Rushing water has enough force to carry vehicles.

Preventative Actions

  1. Always use your seat belt and make sure that all passengers are properly restrained.
  2. Make sure all lights on your vehicle are in working order. This includes headlights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, and interior lights.
  3. Rainy conditions limit visibility, so do what you can to maintain a clear view. Make sure your windshield wipers are in working order, and keep your windshield and windows clean. If windows fog up, use your air conditioner to reduce humidity.
  4. Check your tires regularly to make sure they have adequate tread. This will reduce your chances of hydroplaning and skidding.

Actions to Take While Driving

  1. Turn your headlights on even in a light rain or in gloomy, foggy, or overcast conditions. It will help you see the road and help other drivers see you. If your car has daytime running lights, you should still put your headlights on, so vehicles behind you can see you better.
  2. Do not drive through flood waters. As little as 1 foot of rushing water to carry away a small car, while 2 feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles.
  3. Slow down to avoid hydroplaning, and allow for increased stopping distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you as tires do not grip as well to wet roadways.
  4. Do not use cruise control.
  5. Drive defensively. Steering around an obstacle is preferred over braking to avoid a collision since sudden braking on wet roadways can lead to skidding especially at speeds over 25 mph.
  6. If your car begins to skid, avoid slamming on the brakes as this will make it harder to regain control. Instead, continue to steer in the direction you want to go until your wheels have regained traction.