Nine raised crosswalks to be installed on Molokaʻi

Posted on Jun 28, 2024 in Highways News, Main, News

MOLOKAʻI, Hawai‘i – The Hawai‘i Department of Transportation (HDOT) will be completing nine raised crosswalks planned for Molokaʻi in July.

The raised crosswalks are planned for the following locations due to proximity to schools and pedestrian destinations:

  1. Near mile post 0.01 on Kamehameha V Highway (Route 450), near the intersection of Ala Malama Avenue
  2. Near mile post 0.27 on Kamehameha V Highway (Route 450), near the intersection with ʻAiloa Street and fronting Kaunakakai Elementary School
  3. Near mile post 0.34 on Kamehameha V Highway (Route 450), near the intersection with Oki Place
  4. Near mile post 13.25 and 13.32 on Kamehameha V Highway (Route 450), at the entrance of Kilohana Elementary School
  5. Near mile post 1.35 on Maunaloa Highway (Route 460), near the intersection of Kahiwa Street
  6. Near mile post 1.76 on Kalaʻe Highway (Route 470), near the intersection of Farrington Avenue (two raised crosswalks)
  7. Near mile post 1.05 and 1.10 on Farrington Avenue (Route 480), fronting Molokaʻi High School (two raised crosswalks)


Raised crosswalk installations will begin on Monday, July 8 and last through Friday, July 19. Construction will take place from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and no work will be done on weekends.

During the work, highway users can expect one lane closed in either direction with travel in both directions maintained through alternating traffic control (contraflow) in the remaining lane.

HDOT is installing traffic calming devices, including raised crosswalks, speed tables and speed humps to promote pedestrian safety by providing drivers a physical reminder to reduce their speed as they enter residential and school areas.

HDOT has been gathering data on speed reduction and motor vehicle crashes at raised crosswalk, speed table, and speed hump installation sites. For the sites with sufficient post construction data for a comparison, the average reduction in motorists exceeding the posted speed limit is 47%. The data on major crashes (e.g., crashes resulting in an injury or property damage of $3,000 or more) is shown on the table below.


Raised Crosswalk/Speed Table Comparison CRASHES PED CRASH FATALITIES SERIOUS INJ
Before Installation (three years prior to completion) 106 13 3 11
After Installation (three years after completion) 67 4 0 5


To view past and planned installations of raised crosswalks, speed tables, and speed humps, visit the HDOT Safety Improvement Map at