Photo Enforcement

Act 131 introduced as Senate Bill 663 in the 2019 Legislature adds a new chapter to the Hawaii Revised Statutes on Photo Red Light Imaging Detector Systems and directs the Hawaii Department of Transportation to establish a red light running committee to review the act and present recommendations to the Legislature.

The red light running committee shall be made up of representatives from the courts; the public defender’s office; the state highway safety council; each county police department and prosecutors’ office; and transportation officials from each county.

Prior to the start of the 2020 legislature, the committee shall submit a report with findings and recommendations. This report will include details on feasibility of red light pilot programs in the four counties such as staffing, needed capital improvements, locations, and metrics for evaluation or the effectiveness of red light running pilots in promoting public safety.

The text of Act 131 can be found at this link: Act 131 (19)

Map with proposed locations (10 out of 14 will be selected) can be found at Proposed RLC Locations May 2021.

Committee Meetings

The agenda for the December 6, 2019 RLC meeting can be found at: Red Light Running – Agenda December 6 2019

The agenda for the November 26, 2019 RLC meeting can be found at: Red Light Running – Agenda November 26 2019