How many and what harbors does Harbors Division have jurisdiction over?

Ten (10) harbors:

Kauai District – Nawiliwili Harbor, and Port Allen Harbor

Oahu District – Honolulu Harbor and Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor

Maui District – Kahului Harbor, Kaunakakai Harbor, Kaumalapau Harbor, and Hana Harbor

Hawaii District – Hilo Harbor, and Kawaihae Harbor

Who do I see when I want to rent/lease a space on the State Harbors property?

Contact the Harbors Property Management Section at 587-1940 to inquire as to whether there is space available to rent under a lease or revocable permit.  The district offices also rent spaces for operational uses under the administrative rules.

Where are the Harbors Division’s offices located?

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Where can I find Cruise Ship Arrivals/Schedules?

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Where can I find ship arrival/departure information?

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Where can I register/pay for my (small) boat registration?

The Boating program is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation, 333 Queen Street, Honolulu, HI  96813.  The phone number is (808) 587-1963.

What shipping agents conduct business at the harbors?

Ambyth Shipping & Trading, Inc.          (808) 545-2330
American Workboats, Inc                  (808) 545-5190
Chevron Shipping                         (808) 527-2765
Dae Han Shipping                         (808) 550-8585
Hawaiian Cement                          (808) 532-3400
Horizon Lines, LLC                       (808) 842-1515
Inchcape Shipping Services               (808) 521-2111
Matson Navigation Co.                    (808) 848-1211
NCL America                              (808) 527-3800
Norko Marine Agency                      (808) 536-4568
Northland Services, Inc                  (808) 536-7033
Paradise Shipping Agency                 (808) 536-7117
Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines, LLC        (808) 523-8625
Sause Bros., Inc.                        (808) 521-5082
Smith Maritime                           (808) 522-1000
Stephen B. Ives                          (808) 965-0221
Tesoro Hawaii Corporation                (808) 547-3111
TMS Anchor                               (206) 683-5496
The Gas Company                          (808) 535-5933
Tow Boat Services and Management, Inc.   (808) 522-1006
Transmarine Navigation Corp.             (808) 599-5581
Waldron Norton Lilly International, LLC  (808) 545-2466
Young Brothers, Ltd                      (808) 543-9311