Properties for Lease

Public lands are set aside through Governor’s Executive Orders to the Department of Transportation, Harbors Division (DOTH) are for maritime and maritime-related purposes. Maritime-related is defined as a purpose or activity that requires and is directly related to the loading, off-loading, storage, or distribution of goods and services of the maritime industry.

All land dispositions of DOTH lands are subject to the proposed use’s consistency with DOTH’s operation and public purpose set forth in Governor’s Executive Orders issued to DOTH. Uses that are not consistent will be:

1) ineligible for use of DOTH lands or
2) subject to Public Auction pursuant to Section 171-14, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS).

The dispositions will also be subject to approval by the Board of Land and Natural Resources. Approval is also subject to all HRS Chapter 343, and HRS 6E-8 & 6E-42 review process and county permitting requirements as applicable.

Please direct inquiries to DOTH’s Property Management section via email at [email protected].