Tenant Improvement Guidelines

Tenants at Airports wishing to make improvements to their premises, whether it is tenant owned or leased from the Airport, must follow the “Tenant Improvement Guidelines”.

The Tenant Improvement Guidelines (TIG) are minimum quality standards set by the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation – Airports Division (DOTA), to assist Tenants in the development, design and construction of their leased space / facilities, or improvements to their leased space / facilities. These guidelines apply to all State of Hawaii, DOTA Tenants (lessees and permittees) including, but not limited to the following: Concessionaires, Airlines, Services, and Fixed based operators.

The TIG consist of two(2) manuals: Manual 1 and Manual 2.

The first manual (Manual 1) outlines instructions, policies and procedures for development or improvements to Tenant Facilities at all major and minor State Airports. Section ‘E’, the Appendix, contains the Process Flow Chart, Project Description form, Tenant Improvement Plan Approval forms, Certificate of Insurance instructions, etc.

The second manual (Manual 2) provides general design guidelines and criteria the Tenant consultant is expected to comply with, in the development or improvement of their facility.