Visitor Info

The Visitor Information Program directs, coordinates and administers the department’s Visitor Information Program (VIP) at state airports. They conduct protocol events, rites, ceremonies, conventions and conferences. Their staff operates and maintains visitor information booths at various departmental facilities throughout the State to provide greetings, assistance and hospitality to visitors. Any inquiries may be emailed to [email protected]

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Hilo International Airport (808) 961-9321
Daniel K Inouye International Airport (808) 836-6413
Kahului Airport (808) 872-3893
Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole (808) 329-3423
Lihue Airport (808) 274-3800

Baggage Claim and Arrivals

The State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture requires passengers arriving with plants, animals, and any agricultural materials to declare them on the Agricultural Declaration Form distributed inflight to Hawaii. Plant quarantine inspectors will be stationed in the baggage claim area to examine all agricultural items. The Department of Agriculture also requires dogs and cats be quarantined, and special permits to be obtained for other pets. For further agricultural information on bringing in plants, non domestic animals, and microorganisms, call the State Department of Agriculture at (808) 837-8413. For domestic animals, call (808) 837-8092.

Check In and Departures

All baggage bound from Hawaii to the U. S. Mainland is subject to pre-flight inspection by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Restrictions on the movement of fruits, plants, live snails, and other items from Hawaii to the Mainland are enforced to prevent the spread of fruit flies and other hazardous plant insects and diseases. Please report all agricultural items in your possession to the agricultural inspectors. Inspection stations for check-in baggage are located in front of the airline check-in counters while hand carried articles will be inspected at the security check points. Be prepared to open and close your baggage and parcels for x-ray machine inspection.

For further information call the U. S. Department of Agriculture at (808) 834-3220. Click for more information on USDA predeparture passenger baggage inspection notice for travelers from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland and Guam.

Ground Transportation at Various Airports

Ground transportation is available at the various airports:

Hilo International Airport
Daniel K Inouye International Airport
Kahului Airport
Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole
Lanai Airport
Lihue Airport
Molokai Airport

Helpful Travel Hints

Always plan to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure for Interisland and 3 hours prior for Overseas flights, to give yourself enough time to park, check in, and proceed to the proper gate.

If you have any problems or questions concerning your trip, call your airline or go directly to the ticket counter. Check with your airline to find out about flight information and its policy for large carry-on luggage storage. Flight information boards and monitors showing current arrival and departure times for all scheduled flights are posted in the ticketing lobbies and arrival/departure gates. Do not leave valuables or your parking ticket in plain sight and be sure to lock your car.

Visitor Information Program Booths

There are Visitor Information Program (VIP) Booths located at the various airports to assist the public at the airport.

Hilo International Airport
There are three VIP booths located:
across Centerplate Coffee Shop & Lounge near the departure lobby
directly in front of the escalator and stairs in the arrival areas
at each end of the terminal

Daniel K Inouye International Airport
There are fifteen VIP booths located:
Terminal 1
Ground Level
– At Baggage Claims 8 and 11
Second Level
– Inside the Terminal, across Burger King
Terminal 2
Ground Level
– Outside the International Arrivals Building exit fronting Rodgers Boulevard
– At Baggage Claims 18, 20, 25, 27/28 and 29/31
Second Level
– One (1) counter near Gates D1 and D2
– One (1) counter in Concourse E
– One (1) counter in the Ticketing Lobby, opposite Food Court
– One (1) counter near Gates F1 and F2

Kahului Airport
There are two VIP booths located:
between carousels 3 and 4 in the baggage claim area
on the 2nd floor rotunda area

Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole
There are two VIP booths located:
in front of Baggage Claim A
in front of Baggage Claim B

Lihue Airport
There are three VIP booths located:
In front of Baggage Claim A1 – A2
In front of Baggage Claim B1- B2
In front of the security checkpoint