Marine Safety Information Bulletin 18-022

Posted on Sep 8, 2018 in Main, News

Port Heavy Weather Condition Whiskey
Hurricane Olivia – Hawaii, Maui and Honolulu Counties
8 Sep 2018

The United States Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) has set Port Heavy Weather Condition Whiskey for the commercial harbors in Hawaii, Maui and Honolulu Counties as of 0800 HST today, Saturday, September 8, 2018. No heavy weather conditions have been set for Kauai.

At Port Heavy Weather Condition Whiskey, all pleasure craft shall seek sheltered waters. All vessels and barges greater than 200 gross tons (GT) that have not been granted permission from the COTP to remain in the port area must make plans for departure. Vessels will be required to complete cargo operations and depart the port within 60 hours.

Vessels less than 300 GT, but greater than 200 GT that desire to remain in port must submit a safe mooring plan in writing to the COTP and receive permission to remain in port. Requests to remain in port are contained in Appendix C of the Maritime Heavy Weather & Hurricane Plan and can be found on Sector Honolulu’s Homeport page at

Please email all requests to remain in port to [email protected] Vessels transiting within the vicinity of the Hawaiian Island harbors should seek sheltered waters until storm conditions subside, and anticipate harbor closures at the discretion of the COTP as storm conditions progress.

Please continue to monitor the USCG Homeport website at for up-to-date hurricane information. If you have further questions or concerns they should be directed to the Sector Honolulu Command Center at (808) 842-2600.

Link to the PDF MSIB: MSIB 18-022 – Hurricane Olivia Hawaii Maui Honolulu County_WHISKEY