Administrative Rules

Chapter 19-11 Airport Site Approval, Airport Licensing, and Airport License Renewal
Chapter 19-12 Airport Zoning
Chapter 19-13 Aircraft Operations at Public Airports
Chapter 19-14 Public Conduct at Public Airports
Chapter 19-15 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-15.1 Operation of Motor Vehicles at Public Airports
Chapter 19-16 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-16.1 Airport System Fees and Charges Applicable to Non-Signatory Carriers
Chapter 19-17 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-17.1 Small Plane Hangar Units and Tie Down Spaces at Public Airports
Chapter 19-18 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-19 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-20 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-20.1 Commercial Services at Public Airports
Chapter 19-21 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-22 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-23 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-23.1 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-23.2 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-24 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-25 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-26 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-26.1 Distribution of Literature, Solicitation of Contributions, Demonstrations,
and Public Opinion Surveys at Public Airports
Chapter 19-27 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-28 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-29 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-30 Baggage Carts, Dollies, and Other Similar Devices
Chapter 19-31 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-31.1 Aircraft Registration
Chapter 19-32 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-33 Control of Hazardous Materials and Waste at Public Airports
Chapter 19-34 Tour Aircraft Operations at Public Airports
Chapter 19-35 Transportation use Special Fund
Chapter 19-36 Passenger Facility Charges
Chapter 19-37 Fuel Handling Procedures at Public Airports
Chapter 19-38 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-38.1 On-Demand Taxi Service at Public Airports
Chapter 19-39 [Repealed]
Chapter 19-40 (Last available chapter number for new rules.)

Note: Repealed chapter numbers shall not be used again for new rules.

Proposed Rules

Chapter 19-16.1 Proposed Amendment to Airport System Fees and Charges Applicable to Non-Signatory Carriers

Notice of Public Hearings 

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