Chapter 42 – Vessel and Harbor Controls



Subchapter 1 General Provisions

§19-42-1 Harbor master; general authority
§19-42-2 Trying engine of vessels
§19-42-3 Anchors of certain vessels
§19-42-4 Mooring lines from vessels
§19-42-5 Display light after sunset and gangway requirements for certain vessels
§19-42-6 Vessel arrival and departure schedules
§19-42-7 Removal of vessel, raft, log, or floating object causing damage to wharf
§19-42-8 Shipments of explosives and other hazardous materials
§19-42-9 Deposit required to guarantee payment for charges incurred by vessels
§19-42-10 Performance bond required of idle vessel
§19-42-11 Agents for vessel; liability for fees
§19-42-12Damage to state property
§19-42-13 Responsibility for repair of damage to state property
§19-42-14 Inspection of vessels
§19-42-15 Compliance with federal, state, and county laws, ordinances, and rules
§19-42-16 Citation for violation
§19-42-17 Suspension of loading or unloading operation
§19-42-18 Requirement for a local, 24-hour point of contact
§19-42-19 Reserved
§19-42-20 Reserved

Subchapter 2 Small Craft and Smaller Commercial Vessels

§19-42-21 Priorities for berths and moorings
§19-42-22 Vessel moored without authorization, unlawful; removal
§19-42-23 Conditions for use of harbor property and facilities
§19-42-24 Assignment and reassignment of moorings
§19-42-25 Use permits; types
§19-42-26 Original application for use permit
§19-42-27 Renewal of application
§19-42-28 Applicant required to furnish address and report changes; effect of failure to report change
§19-42-29 Review and acceptance or rejection of application for use permit
§19-42-30 Withdrawal of application; effect if application has become void, expires, or been withdrawn
§19-42-31 Waiting lists
§19-42-32 Allocation of berths; policy
§19-42-33 Notice to owner of available use permit
§19-42-34 Offer of regular mooring permit valid only fourteen days; written notice of intention; acceptance; void offer, declining offer
§19-42-35 Offer of temporary mooring permit valid only seven days; notification of intention; acceptance
§19-42-36 Offer of commercial and miscellaneous permits
§19-42-37 Issuance of use permit
§19-42-38 Period of validity of use permit
§19-42-39 Renewal of use permit
§19-42-40 Priority and procedures in allocation of berths
§19-42-41 Temporary mooring permit; reasons for issuance
§19-42-42 Temporary permittee’s use of berth and liability
§19-42-43 Temporary mooring permits; priority of allocation
§19-42-44 Revocation of use permit
§19-42-45 Cancellation of use permit by owner
§19-42-46 Use of mooring space
§19-42-47 Exchange of berths
§19-42-48 Use permit and assigned berth not transferable
§19-42-49 Absence of vessel for more than fourteen days; effect on the permits
§19-42-50 Inspection
§19-42-51 Audit
§19-42-52 Small craft and smaller commercial vessel repairs, reconstruction or major modification
§19-42-53 Living aboard
§19-42-54 Safety watch
§19-42-55 Illegal mooring of any small craft or smaller commercial vessel
§19-42-56 Removal and impoundment procedures
§19-42-57 Administrative hearing
§19-42-57.1 Rules of evidence
§19-42-58 Sale of vessel to collect outstanding delinquent indebtedness; sale of abandoned vessel
§19-42-59 Salvage, sinking boats
§19-42-60 Vessel loading zone
§19-42-61 Anchoring of small craft or smaller commercial vessels
§19-42-61.1 Mooring or anchoring of recreational vessels in Radio Bay and Kawaihae
§19-42-62 Nesting
§19-42-63 Permittee’s responsibility for wharf area
§19-42-64 Structures on and modifications to the wharf
§19-42-65 Sailing vessels in Kewalo Basin channel
§19-42-66 Safety regulations for small craft and smaller commercial vessels
§19-42-67 Emergency conditions
§19-42-68 Provisions from other chapters are applicable
§19-42-69 Application to be placed on the list of approved marine surveyors
§19-42-70 Repealed
§19-42-71 Reserved

Subchapter 3 Waterways

§19-42-81 Applicability of laws and rules
§19-42-82 Vessel traffic in Honolulu Harbor
§19-42-83 Movement of vessels at other state ports
§19-42-84 Vessel not to obstruct approach to wharf
§19-42-85 Maximum speed of vessels
§19-42-86 Limits on towing
§19-42-87 Vessel solely under power of sail
§19-42-88 Control of vessel movement in Honolulu Harbor and Barbers Point Harbor
§19-42-89 Priorities and scheduling of vessel movements in Honolulu Harbor and Barbers Point Harbor
§19-42-90 Vessels at anchor offshore required to be staffed
§19-42-91 Reserved
§19-42-100 Reserved

Subchapter 4 Safety, Cleanliness, and Use of Facilities

§19-42-101 Conflict of provisions
§19-42-102 Fire alarm
§19-42-103 Vessel loaded with explosives
§19-42-104 Handling of explosives
§19-42-105 Hauling of explosives
§19-42-106 Containers for flammable liquids
§19-42-107 Nitrate of soda, nitrate of ammonia, sulphur, or other similar materials
§19-42-108 Dangerous acids; electric storage batteries
§19-42-109 Flammable substances; leaky containers
§19-42-110 Heating combustibles on vessels
§19-42-111 Fumigation of vessel
§19-42-112 Use of fuel burning steam generating appliances
§19-42-113 Repair, manufacturing, construction, or maintenance work on wharf
§19-42-114 Smoking prohibited
§19-42-115 Use of explosives
§19-42-116 Keeping wharf in sanitary condition and clear of fire hazard
§19-42-117 Standards of cleanliness
§19-42-118 Charges for cleaning wharves
§19-42-119 Identification of mobile equipment
§19-42-120 Load limits on wharves
§19-42-121 Fowl, animal, or livestock
§19-42-122 Private use of state harbor property or facilities; business activities; signs
§19-42-123 Placement of goods and equipment
§19-42-124 Closing of wharves for safety reasons
§19-42-125Liability for damage to or loss of merchandise and cargo
§19-42-126 Littering or polluting land areas prohibited
§19-42-127 Littering or polluting of water prohibited
§19-42-128 Disposal or salvage of derelict craft
§19-42-129 Duty of persons who lose, drop, or abandon any floating or sinking object
§19-42-130 Approved backflow prevention device required for water supply system
§19-42-131 Dumping of materials at sea
§19-42-132 Waste outlets; permit required
§19-42-133 Loading or unloading of flammable liquids
§19-42-134 Appliances and electrical wiring
§19-42-135 Fire extinguishing equipment for small craft
§19-42-136 Fueling
§19-42-137 Fishing prohibited
§19-42-138 Lifesaving equipment required
§19-42-139 Fire signal for small craft or smaller commercial vessel in harbor
§19-42-140 Liquor prohibited on state piers and waterfront properties without permit
§19-42-141 Responsibility for vessel gangplanks
§19-42-142 Reserved
§19-42-150 Reserved

Subchapter 5 Welding and Burning Operations on Piers and Wharves and Aboard Vessels

§19-42-151 Welding and burning operations; permits
§19-42-152 Proximity to ammunition and dangerous cargo
§19-42-153 Inspections; chemist’s certificate
§19-42-154 Welding and burning; procedures
§19-42-155 Welding and burning operations; fire prevention
§19-42-156 Petroleum and other flammable products
§19-42-157 Penalties
§19-42-158 Notification of other agencies
§19-42-159 Reserved
§19-42-160 Reserved

Subchapter 6 Private Installation or Construction

§19-42-161 Dredging, filling, and construction
§19-42-162 Jurisdiction of other agencies
§19-42-163 Installation of buoys
§19-42-164 Construction of structures

Historical note: This chapter is based substantially on Part III (Regulations) of the Rules and Regulations and Tariff No. 4. [Eff 7/1/74; am 9/1/75; am 10/21/77; R 5/20/82]