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2045 HSTP

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The Hawaii Statewide Transportation Plan (HSTP) is a policy document that establishes the framework to be used in the planning of Hawaii’s transportation system. The goals and objectives identified in the HSTP provide the keys to the development of an integrated, multi-modal transportation system for the safe, efficient and effective movement of people and goods throughout Hawaii.

The HSTP was coordinated and prepared in cooperation with the Planning, Transportation, and Public Works departments in each of the four counties, the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization, and other State, County and Federal participating agencies, as well as the modal divisions of the Hawaii State Department of Transportation. This effort also included participation and input from the users of the transportation system, stakeholders, providers, and the general public. Additionally, research efforts were conducted to ensure that technical issues associated with the plan were analyzed and considered, and that applicable federal, state, and local rules and regulations were satisfied.

The HSTP document, including past plan documents, is available for download from the link provided below.

Hawaii Statewide Transportation Plan (2011)

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