Engineering Policies & Procedures

The Airports Division, Engineering Branch, consists of a Construction Section (AIR-EC), a Design Section (AIR-ED), an Environmental Section (AIR-EE), a Drafting and Graphics Section (AIR-EG), a Facilities Maintenance Section (AIR-EM), a Planning Section (AIR-EP), and a Project Coordination Section (AIR-ER). Here, you will find policies and procedures for doing business with the Engineering Branch.

Access to Record Drawings and/or Electronic Data

Individuals requesting to access the DOT-A’s record drawing library or for electronic data must complete the following form.

A/E Professional Services Contract – CM

The following standards/documents shall apply to all individuals who provide construction management professional services.

A/E Professional Services Contract – Design

The following standards/documents shall apply to all individuals who provide design professional services.

This document establishes a logical and timely work flow progression for all projects, scopes of work, submittals, deliverables and associated reviews. The document consists of two parts:1) Design Review & Approval Process, and 2) Design Work Scopes.

  • SustainableDOT-A Program Profile
  • Hawaii Sense of Place Primer (HSPP)
  • Sustainable High Performance Guidelines (SHPG)
  • Cultural Appropriateness Guidelines (CAG)


CAD Guidelines (2.18 MB)

All DOT-A AutoCAD basemap drawings have been converted into North American Datum of 1983 High-Accuracy Reference Network (NAD83 HARN) Coordinate System. This document provides the standards for producing and delivering CAD drawings to the DOT-A, and provides the means to update graphic information quickly, as well as to facilitate the timely access and delivery of information to external users.

Errata Date Errata Sheets

Revisions to the bid documents prior to bid opening shall be issued in the form of an addendum. This document provides the format for preparing and processing an addendum.