Wilson Tunnel Honolulu bound lane closures begin Tuesday night, Kaneohe bound lane closures begin Oct. 24

Posted on Oct 20, 2015 in Highways News, Main, News

HONOLULU – The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) reminds drivers both lanes of the Honolulu bound direction of the Likelike Highway will be closed nightly from 9 pm – 4 am beginning Oct. 20 from the H-3 Freeway split through the Wilson Tunnel. The work in the Honolulu bound direction will continue seven days a week through Oct. 31.

In addition, one lane of the Likelike Highway in the Kaneohe bound direction will be closed beginning Oct. 24 for concrete repairs from 9 pm – 4 am. The one lane closure may continue for 10 nights. Lane closure equipment will be set up at the beginning of the work and removed at the end of the shift. The speed limit has been reduced from 35 mph to 25 mph inside the work area. Please slow down and drive with caution.

On Nov. 1 and 2 both lanes of the Kaneohe bound direction are scheduled to be closed for repairs from 9 pm – 4 am. The closure will begin at Valley View Drive and continue through the Wilson Tunnel. Two of the more than 350 rods in the ceiling area will be replaced. In this situation, at least one lane of the Honolulu bound direction will remain open. HDOT is working to avoid a full closure of all lanes in both directions at the same time.

The dates listed above are estimates, however if the work can be expedited the closure days may move ahead of schedule. Should the dates change we will inform the public as soon as possible.

The Pali Highway and H-3 Freeway remain open as viable alternatives. Motorists are urged to check traffic conditions before starting their trip.

Damage to stainless steel rods which help support the tunnel ceiling was initially discovered during a routine inspection on Sept. 25, 2015. The work is scheduled to be completed by Nov. 9; however crews will be working seven days a week and may have all lanes open the week prior.

The cost of the design and repairs is $1.3 million. HDOT thanks the public for its patience as we work to reopen lanes as quickly as possible.