Weight restriction on the Paumalu Stream Bridge returns to 25 tons

Posted on May 27, 2016 in Highways News, Main, News

HONOLULU — The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) announces it is increasing the vehicle weight restriction on the Paumalu Stream Bridge. Beginning Saturday, May 28, 2016 vehicles weighing up to 25 tons may cross the bridge. The Paumalu Stream Bridge on Kamehameha Highway is located between Paumalu Place and Ke Nui Road, near Sunset Beach.

Crews have installed concrete collars around support columns to expedite the allowance of a 25 ton weight restriction. Damage to the columns earlier this year prompted precautionary measures in an effort to prevent additional damage. Vehicles weighing more than 25 tons remain prohibited from crossing the bridge at any time. Compliance is required to maintain the structural integrity of the bridge.

Crews are now moving a waterline to allow for installation of Acrow truss structures to provide support to the bridge deck and columns. The installation is scheduled to begin next week. The repairs will allow HDOT time to plan and design a permanent project to replace the existing bridge.

The 24/7 lane closure will remain in place through the end of July, however crews are expediting the work and will re-open the lane sooner if possible. The lane closures will alternate between the inbound and outbound lane depending on the construction schedule. The remaining lane will be contraflowed to maintain access over the bridge. Flaggers will be located on both sides of the bridge to assist traffic flow. Emergency vehicles responding to a call will be given priority access.

Since the 24/7 contraflow lane began Wednesday, May 25, drivers have experienced a 20 – 30 minute delay when traveling through the area. HDOT crews are monitoring traffic conditions and flaggers will adjust to allow more vehicles through depending on the volume. In general, flow in the peak direction will be prioritized. HDOT thanks the community for its patience as we make these necessary repairs.

HDOT will continue to issue notifications of work on this bridge and will alert the public of lane closures through the HDOT roadwork website at: https://hidot.hawaii.gov/highways/roadwork/