Low risk safety checks can resume May 15

Posted on May 6, 2020 in Highways News, Main, News

HONOLULU – In consideration of Governor Ige allowing the reopening of low risk businesses that take necessary precautions, the Hawai‘i Department of Transportation (HDOT) is coordinating the reopening of stations for Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections (PMVI or Safety Checks) starting Friday, May 15.

The safety check waiver announced on April 30 will not be changed to allow PMVI stations, Counties, and the public enough time to conduct and process safety checks. The waiver announced previously was:

Safety check certificates and stickers expiring on or before May 31, 2020, will remain valid until August 31, 2020. All other safety checks that expire in 2020 will be valid for an additional 3 months after the 2020 expiration date.

The safety check extension does not impact the validity of the motor vehicle registration. The motor vehicle registration must still be unexpired to be valid. County motor vehicle registration offices are accepting renewals through a variety of methods, including mail, kiosk (where available), and online.

The County of Kaua‘i has announced the reopening of its Department of Motor Vehicles by appointment beginning May 18 (link to their announcement here).

PMVI stations are required to follow the guidelines outlined below:

  • Open with health and safety precautions for employees and customers, including physical distancing of 6-feet or greater, enhanced sanitation measures and appropriate PPE
  • Facilities should frequently conduct thorough and detailed cleaning and disinfecting with focus on high-touch areas (e.g., door handles)
  • Customers should be accepted by appointment only
  • PMVI stations should limit the number of employees in the facility at one time to allow for safe physical distancing practices
  • Train all employees on the importance of frequent handwashing with soap and water, the use of hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content, and give them clear instruction to avoid touching hands to face
  • Employees should be given frequent opportunities to wash their hands
  • Employees who develop symptoms of COVID-19 at work should be dismissed as soon as possible to self-isolate at home or seek medical attention as appropriate
  • Anyone visibly displaying symptoms of COVID-19 should not be allowed in the facility

Mitigation Resources:  OSHA, CDC, CDC-Cleaning & Disinfecting Facilities, CDC Small Business guidance

As we all work together on COVID-19 recovery, HDOT thanks our partners and the public for their cooperation and patience.