Updates on Thompson Corner: All-way stop complete; Farrington Highway and Kaukonahua Road can be viewed on GoAkamai

Posted on Apr 26, 2021 in Highways News, Main, News

HONOLULU – The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) completed the conversion of the intersection of Farrington Highway and Kaukonahua Road (Thompson Corner) to an all-way stop on Friday, April 23.

The all-way stop was the quickest safety measure HDOT could deploy in response to the rerouting of traffic from the emergency closure of the Waialua Beach Road Bridge 605. HDOT also considered restricting selected turning movements but determined against it as historically this would increase the risk of drivers performing dangerous maneuvers to avoid detouring.

Use of a temporary traffic signal was also considered but the lead time for placement and lack of connection to the traffic management center would not have made this option safer or more efficient than the all-way stop with flashers.

HDOT continues to work on a long-term improvement for this intersection. A study to consider a permanent traffic signal, roundabout, or no build alternative with turn lane improvements is scheduled and expected to be completed later this summer.

To help Haleiwa and Waialua residents plan their daily commutes, the City and County Department of Transportation Services has added a camera covering the Farrington Highway and Kaukonahua Road intersection. The camera can be viewed through GoAkamai.org by clicking the camera icon on the map or by choosing ‘Waialua’ as the ‘camera tour name’ in the cameras tab.