Hawaiian diacritical markings to be added to signs along the Leeward coast

Posted on Dec 29, 2022 in Main

HONOLULU – The Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation (HDOT) announces that kahakō and ‘okina will be added to signs along the Leeward coast as part of HDOT’s efforts to support and revitalize Hawaiian language.

Under the policy, announced March 1, 2022, HDOT is providing a two-week comment period for the change prior to the adoption of the master list. The spelling proposed for these replacement signs is:

  • Piliokahe Ave
  • Heleakalā Ave
  • Lualualei Naval Rd
  • Helelua St
  • Mōhihi St.
  • Princess Kahanu Ave
  • Hakimo Rd
  • Ka‘ukama St
  • Ma‘ipalaoa Rd
  • Kaukamana St
  • Mā‘ili‘ili Rd
  • Leihōkū St
  • Pūhano St
  • Lualualei Homestead Rd
  • Ala ‘Ākau St
  • Mākaha Valley Rd

As a part of this effort, proposed correct spelling for Piliokahi Avenue in Nānākuli is “Piliokahe” to match the name used in the region for geographic features. Similarly, the proposed correct spelling for Haleakala Avenue is “Heleakalā” to be consistent with the name of the pu‘u nearby.

The street sign for Piliokahi Avenue was changed in the westbound direction to reflect the proper spelling, however work has been paused for the remaining street names to allow for public comment period.

To provide comments on the proposed spelling or to suggest alternative spelling, please email [email protected], by Friday, January 13 24, 2023. Comments may also be given over the phone to the HDOT Public Affairs Office at (808) 587-2160.