Permanent speed limit reduction for part of Haleakalā Highway

Posted on Jun 27, 2023 in Highways News, Main, News

KULA – The Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation (HDOT) notifies Maui motorists that the posted speed limit on Haleakalā Highway (Route 37) between milepost 0.20 and milepost 0.70 (vicinity of Haleakalā Highway and North Firebreak Road intersection) will be reduced to 45 mph from 55 mph in the northbound direction.

The purpose of the speed reduction is to provide a manageable and consistent speed limit for this section of Haleakalā Highway, which approaches the Hāna Highway intersection. The intersection contains crosswalks, merge areas, and its multimodal use includes pedestrians and bicyclists. The reduction in speed limit will provide a smoother transition, allowing motorists to reduce their speed incrementally from 45 mph to the 35 mph limit established for the Haleakalā Highway and Hāna Highway intersection approach.

The speed limit signs will be changed by Thursday, July 6, 2023, and the new speed limit will be effective as soon as work is finished. Motorists are reminded to follow all traffic control signs when traveling to their destination.