State waives wharfage on necessities to aid Maui relief

Posted on Aug 11, 2023 in Harbors News, Main, News

 Port entry and dockage for vessels displaced by the disaster will also be waived.

Effective August 11, 2023, through September 10, 2023, the Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation (HDOT) will waive wharfage charges for cargo inbound to Kahului Harbor to support humanitarian relief to Maui.

“We have to offer any help we can at this time for the people of Maui. This will lessen the burden on shipping necessities to many who now have nothing,” said Hawai‘i Department of Transportation Director Ed Sniffen. “And we will continue to look at ways we can help the people of Lāhainā and west Maui as we move forward.”

Wharfage will be waived for the following cargo types:

Automobiles, in containers

Automobile, other

Island agricultural products


Shipping device loaded, 45 feet

Shipping device loaded, 40 feet

Shipping device loaded, 24 feet

Shipping device loaded, 20 feet

Shipping device loaded, Other

Island agricultural products, shipping device loaded, 40 feet

Island agricultural products, shipping device loaded, 20 feet

Island agricultural products, shipping device loaded, Other





This waiver shall be granted upon receipt of a wharfage report accompanied by documentation confirming that wharfage fees were not charged by a shipping company to a customer for the specified cargo. Further instructions on this waiver will be posted to the Harbors website at

Additionally, throughout the duration of Governor Green’s Third Emergency Proclamation, when berth space is available, HDOT will waive port entry and dockage for vessels displaced from small boat harbors on Maui. Other rules and fees will apply and arrangements for port entry should be made through the respective Harbors District Office through an agent.

HDOT has determined that such necessary measures, including waivers, are consistent with the provision of humanitarian relief to disaster-stricken areas of the state.