HDOT Moves podcast

HDOT Moves is a podcast about the systems moving and connecting our island communities. It will feature discussions on topics relating to transportation in Hawaii and will be uploaded on a monthly basis. You can also find it at https://anchor.fm/hidot

Episode 5 – HDOT’s Broadband Pilot

(Recorded March 1, 2021) – Listen to learn more about HDOT’s Broadband Pilot to increase internet connectivity for eight island communities. What does broadband have to do with transportation and when can residents of these communities expect to make use of the service?

Episode 4 – No Need for Speed

(Recorded Nov. 24, 2020) – This HDOT Moves is all about speeding. Listen in to this speedy podcast to learn how our speed limits are determined, what the dangers of speeding are, and what’s being done in Hawaii to enforce speeding laws and educate drivers.

Episode 3 – Connected Signals in Hawaii

Episode title card.

(Recorded Oct. 13, 2020) – HDOT Moves gets a new host, Keola from 102.7 Da Bomb. Keola talks with Ed, Dr. David Ma from UH, and Keoni Wasano with Goldwings about connected signals and vehicle to everything technology. Learn what a connected signal is and what it means for the future of autonomous vehicles.

Episode 2 – A Government Perspective on Telework

(Recorded Aug. 20, 2020) – HDOT Deputy Director for Highways Ed Sniffen speaks with Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami, Federal Highways  Hawaii Division Administrator Ralph Rizzo, and State Department of Human Resources Development Director Ryker Wada about telework. How can increased work from home opportunities be leveraged to improve work/life balance and what do supervisors and managers need to do to support telework?

Episode 1 – Public Transportation and Pandemics

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(Recorded Aug. 7, 2020) – Join us as Dr. Brian Wu from HMSA shares how to reduce your risk of getting COVID-19 while sharing a ride. Jon Nouchi, Deputy Director of the City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services, explains the measures TheBus is taking to reduce risk for drivers and passengers.