FTA Grant Programs

Statewide Transportation Planning Office
Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
Formula Grant Programs




FTA 5316: Job Access Reverse Commute; Non-Urbanized Programs

FTA 5317: New Freedon; Non-Urbanized Programs

FTA 5316 and 5317 Program information and application

Applications for all projects must be received
at the address listed below no later than 
2:00 pm, Thursday, May 8, 2014


Mailed in applications must be postmarked no later than due date
Application package must include all three of the following documents.


 Any questions on this matter should be addressed to:

Ryan Fujii
Statewide Transportation Planning Office
200 Rodgers Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii   96819 

Office phone: (808) 831-7984(808) 831-7984
Fax: (808) 831-7995
Email: ryan.fujii@hawaii.gov

Rural Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) Scholarship Program

No deadline for RTAP Scholarship Applications
RTAP Scholarship applications are accepted at any time and are evaluated case by case