2011-2014 (+2) STIP Revision #7

The STIP has been modified by STIP Revision #7 to address the immediate need to make funding category changes to the City and County of Honolulu’s federal transit (FTA) program. This revision will also federalize a small amount of design funds for KC5 – Kamalu Bridge Erosion Protection Repairs of the Federal Highways program.

Revision #7 has been processed as a Pre-Approved Administrative Modification. Administrative Modifications include cosmetic and minor changes to the scope, schedule or cost estimate of an existing STIP project.

See the attached file for information on revision types:
STIP Revision Definitions (pdf file 34 KB)

Attached is the entire 11-14(+2) STIP as modified by Revision #7 (pdf file 329 KB)

Note: This Revision also required a revision of the Oahu 11-14(+2) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). TIP Revision #15 was processed as an Administrative Modification. Revision of the TIP is reflected directly in this STIP Revision. For more information on this TIP revision, please see the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organizations TIP website at: http://www.oahumpo.org/programs/tipcurrent.html

New project information and a list of explanations of the changes reflected in this revision can be found in the following file. The file sorts projects first by project type, then by STIP project number. Changes are noted in red text.

Revision #7 Summary of Changes (pdf file 34 KB)

Hard copies of the proposed STIP may be obtained by calling (808) 587-6355, or by using the contact information below.

Highway Planning Branch
869 Punchbowl Street, Room 301
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
email: [email protected]
fax: (808) 587-1787

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