Bridge Inspection Manual Graphic
The AASHTO Manual for Bridge Element Inspection provides the information needed to perform bridge inspection using the National Bridge Elements (NBE). Federal regulations require all bridges to be inspected using NBE’s. The purpose of this manual is to supplement the AASHTO manual with Hawaii-specific information and was developed to provide context of how the Inspection process relates to the Statewide Transportation Asset Management Program, as well as provides guidelines, policy, and procedures to ensure compliance with federal regulations CFR 650 Subpart C and Subpart E.

It is not an engineering textbook or primer on the fundamentals of bridge inspection, instead the purpose of this Manual is to assure that the bridge and tunnel inspections are being conducted in accordance with the requisite standards and to assure the quality of inspection data being presented for programming goals and life cycle maintenance of assets.

Link to AASHTOWare BrM Web Application:

HDOT Bridge Management, Bridge Inspection Manual (PDF 2 MB)

HDOT Bridge Management, Quick Reference Manual (PDF 337 KB)

HDOT Bridge Management, Bridege Asset Management Manual (PDF 3MB)

Video tutorials on using BrM software (YouTube)

BrM Update Meeting Presentation – October 2017 (PDF 33 MB)