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The AASHTO Manual for Bridge Element Inspection provides the information needed to perform bridge inspection using the National Bridge Elements (NBE).  Federal regulations require all bridges to be inspected using NBE’s.  The purpose of this manual is to supplement the AASHTO manual with Hawaii-specific information.


How to use this Manual

The manual was designed as a top down approach when inspecting the bridge.  This basically refers to the inspector starting the inspection on the top of the bridge and then proceeding down to the bridge substructure.

To use this manual for new element inspections:

  1. Chapter 2 describes filling out the new inspection form and final report.
  2. Chapter 3 describes using AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) software.
  3. Chapter 4 describes new deck elements.
  4. Chapter 5 describes new superstructure elements.
  5. Chapter 6 describes new substructure elements.
  6. Chapter 7 describes new culvert elements.
  7. Chapter 8 describes new wearing surface and protective system elements.
  8. Chapter 9 includes the NBI ratings.
  9. Chapter 10 describes using BrM to input new inspections.

Link to AASHTOWare BrM Web Application:

HDOT Bridge Management, Bridge Inspection Manual (PDF 5.67 MB)

HDOT Bridge Management, Quick Reference Manual (PDF 337 KB)

Video tutorials on using BrM software (YouTube)

BrM Update Meeting Presentation – October 2017 (PDF 33 MB)

For help or inquiries with BrM, please contact:  [email protected]

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