Hawaii Administrative Rules – HIGHWAYS DIVISION

Proposed Changes


  • There are no proposed changes to Hawaii Administrative Rules relating to the Highways Division at this time.

Current Rules

Chapter 19-101 Movement of Overweight Vehicles Along and Upon Hana Highway (FAS 360) Between Kailua Village and Hana

Chapter 19-102 Fee Schedule for the Issuance of a Permit to Perfom Work on State Highways

Chapter 19-103 Outdoor Advertising Along State Highways and Federal and Secondary County Highways

Chapter 19-104 The Movement by Permit of Oversize and Overweight Vehicles on State Highways

Chapter 19-105 Accommodation and Installation of Utilities on State Highways and Federal Aid County Highways

Chapter 19-106 Exemption from the Refund of State Vehicle Weight Tax and Motor Carrier Gross Weight Fee on vehicles with Net Weight of 6,000 Pounds or Over That are used for Agricultural Purposes

Chapter 19-107 Enforcement of the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

Chapter 19-108 High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

Chapter 19-109 Safe Routes to School Program Special Fund

Chapter 19-121 Traffic Records

Chapter 19-122 Examination of Applicants for Issuance and Renewal of Motor Vehicle Driver’s Licenses and Instruction Permits

Chapter 19-122.5 Suspension, Revocation, or Cancellation of Commercial Driver’s Licenses and Permits

Chapter 19-123 Statewide Motorcycle, Moped, and Motor Scooter Education Courses and Licensing Skill Test Waiver

Chapter 19-124 Protective Devices for Motorcycle and Motor Scooter Operators and Passengers

Chapter 19-125 Police Traffic Services Procedures

Chapter 19-126 Identification and Surveillance of Accident Locations

Chapter 19-127.1 Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Public Streets and Highways

Chapter 19-128 Design, Placement and Maintenance of Traffic Control Devices

Chapter 19-129 Use of Traffic Control Devices at Work Sites on or Adjacent of Public Streets and Highways

Chapter 19-130 Debris Hazard Control and Cleanup on Public Highways

Chapter 19-131 Required Equipment on Mopeds

Chapter 19-132 Approval and Revocation of Approval for the Display, Sale and Use of Vehicle Equipment

Chapter 19-133.2 Periodic Inspection of Vehicles

Chapter 19-133.5 Suspension or Revocation of an Official Inspection Station or Inspector’s Certification

Chapter 19-135 Periodic Inspection of Mopeds

Chapter 19-136 Intoxilyzer

Chapter 19-137 Category 4 and Commercial Driver Third Party Examiner Requirement

Chapter 19-139 Driver Education Program Requirements

Chapter 19-141 Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Chapter 19-142 Periodic Safety Inspection of Motor Carrier Vehicles

Chapter 19-143 Pupil Transportation Safety

Chapter 19-145 Hazardous Materials Regulations

Chapter 19-147 Ignition Interlock Devices

Chapter 19-149 State Civil Identification

Chapter 19-149 (Amended) State Civil Identification

Chapter 19-150 Autonomous Vehicle Regulations                

Chapter 19-151 Photo Red Light Imaging Detector System