Materials Testing and Research Branch

Asphalt Unit at Hawaii District Office, February 7-8, 2019 CLOSED

Concrete March 6 – 8, 2018, Oahu is CLOSED

Highway Noise Policy and Abatement Guidelines (2016)

How to Meet Material Sampling and Testing Requirements (Summary)

Field Sampling and Testing Qualification Program (FSTQP) and Independent Assurance (IA) Reviews

Pavement Design Manual (Revision March 2002)

Hawaii Test Methods (December 2000)

Title Page
Table of Contents
HDOT TM 1-00 Density of Soil In-Place by the Sand Cone Method
HDOT TM 2-00 Determining the Loose Density of Soils
HDOT TM 3-00 Field Determination of Moisture Content of Soils
HDOT TM 4-00 Estimating the Service Life of Steel Culverts
HDOT TM 5-00 Wet Preparation of Disturbed Soil Samples
HDOT TM 6-00 Operation of the California Type Profilograph and Evaluation of Profiles
HDOT TM 7-00 Relative Density of Asphalt Pavement by Cores
HDOT TM 8-00 Determining Total Moisture Content of Bituminous Mixtures or Mineral Aggregates Using Microwave Ovens

Quality Assurance Manual for Materials (October 2001)

Title Page
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Definitions
III. Laboratory Qualification Program
IV. Personnel Acceptance Program
V. Materials Acceptance Program
VI. Independent Assurance Program
VII. Letter of Materials Certification Program
Appendix 1 – Flow Diagram
Appendix 2 – Forms, Instructions, and Samples
Appendix 3 – Sampling and Testing Guide for Acceptance and Verification (Nov 2017)

Approved Products List

Approved Products List Procedures