HDOT Broadband

HDOT is leading a pilot project to connect rural communities statewide through broadband. The pilot will leverage federal highways and broadband funding to expand broadband services; access to devices; and, access to a staffed help desk. A major goal of this pilot is to provide opportunities for Hawaii residents in traditionally underserved communities to work and learn from home.

A wireless mesh will be created through installation of fiber and wireless access points using State and county road infrastructure. Expected transportation related benefits of the project include reduction in vehicle miles traveled as residents have increased access to remote work and learning, increased capabilities for the system in use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (e.g., travel times, adaptive signals, and incident management), and preparation for connected autonomous vehicles.

Pilot Project Award

The HDOT Broadband Pilot was awarded to Hawaiian Telcom on Feb. 25, 2021. Details on the award can be found here.

Planned Coverage Maps

Planned coverage for Hana, Maui
Planned coverage for Kamehameha IV housing, Oahu
Planned coverage for Kapaa, Kauai
Planned coverage for Kau, Hawaii Island
Planned coverage for Kau, Hawaii Island
Planned coverage for Kuhio Park Terrace, Oahu
Planned coverage for lower Kalihi, Oahu
Planned coverage for the leeward coast, Oahu
Planned coverage for Pahala, Hawaii Island
Planned coverage for Puna, Hawaii Island
Planned coverage for Waimanalo, Oahu