2011-2014 (+2) STIP Revision #11

The STIP has been modified by STIP Revision #11 to make the following pre-approved modifications to the City and County of Honolulu’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) project, OC15:

Deferred amounts associated with the FFY 2011 New Starts (NS) allocation from FFY 2012 to FFY 2013 because the $55 million was awarded in conjunction with the $200 million programmed in FFY 2013. In FFY 2013, increased the local share amount by $7.6 million for Section 5309 NS (2011) to reflect the 32:68, Federal:Local matching ratio under the Full Funding Grant Agreement. Also in FFY 2013, the local share was increased by about $38.5 million for Section 5309 NS (2012) to offset the approximately 50:50, Federal:Local matching ratio for Grant HI-03-0047-01. With these changes, Grant HI-03-0047-02 will then reflect the 32:68 Federal:Local matching ratio under the Full Funding Grant Agreement.

All costs presented are in escalated year-of-expenditure dollars based on capital cost estimating methodology and inflation rates accepted by FTA. Therefore, the application of a 4% inflation rate is not required.

TIP Revision #17 directly corresponds to the above-mentioned changes on Oahu and has been coordinated through the Oahu MPO pre-approved administrative modification process. This TIP revision has been incorporated into STIP Revision #11 without change. For more information on this TIP revision, please see the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organizations TIP website at: http://www.oahumpo.org/programs/tipcurrent.html

This revision did NOT include any Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) changes. Also, no neighbor island changes were made through STIP Revision #11.

Attached is the entire 11-14(+2) STIP as modified by REVISION #11 (pdf file 331 KB)

New project information and a list of explanations of the changes reflected in this revision can be found in the following file. The file sorts projects first by project type, then by STIP project number. Changes are noted in red text.

Revision #11 Summary of Changes (pdf file 29 KB)

Hard copies of the proposed STIP may be obtained by calling (808) 587-6355, or by using the contact information below.

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