HDOT update on West Maui wildfire projects

Posted on Jan 11, 2024 in Highways Posts, Main, News

LAHAINA – The Hawai‘i Department of Transportation (HDOT) provides an update on wildfire recovery work in Lahaina.

These projects include installing an emergency stormwater capture system; monitoring traffic impacts of the emergency Keawe Street drain line replacement work by Maui County; repairing and redesigning traffic signals, traffic signs and guardrails along Honoapi‘ilani Highway (Route 30), along with analyzing the opening of Honoapi‘ilani Highway between Keawe Street and Hokiokio Place.

Emergency Stormwater Capture System work – Lahaina town

Federal, state and county agencies continue the installation of an emergency stormwater capture system in Lahaina to help protect the ocean and prevent silt, ash, and other disaster debris from flowing into the island’s storm drain systems.

Announced in November by HDOT, the $40 million project is being funded through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Emergency Relief program and coordinated by the HDOT Highways Maui District, County of Maui and FHWA.

The emergency stormwater capture system encompasses multiple best management practices collectively designed to help reduce soil runoff and filter stormwater before entering the storm drain system, and to provide additional preventive measures at key inlets, catch basins and outfalls.

Work that has been performed in the past two months includes debris removal, with crews utilizing heavy equipment, along with street sweepers and vacuum trucks removing debris that has accumulated on roadways and within the storm drain systems. Drain cleaning has begun along Front Street and street sweeping has been completed.

Also set up are source controls, in which hydromulch has been deployed in open areas that are vulnerable to erosion during storm events. For perimeter controls, filter socks have been placed along certain roads and highways and around certain drain inlets to help filter rainwater before it enters the storm drain system.

A damage assessment is currently ongoing prior to installing protection for inlets. Sediment fabric inserts will be set up on certain inlets and catch basins to help provide additional filtering of stormwater as it enters drainage structures.

Construction on the capture, convey and treatment system may begin at the end of January or beginning of February.

The system is continually being monitored for efficacy and adjustments if needed.

A map showing the project area can be seen here.

Emergency Drain Line Replacement – Keawe Street

The County of Maui continues its emergency Keawe Street drain line replacement project. There is a lane shift on Keawe Street/Lahaina Bypass (Route 3000) through Friday, Jan. 12, subject to change.

Repair and redesign of traffic signals, signs, guardrails – Honoapi‘ilani Highway

HDOT is working with FHWA on repairing traffic signals at the Honoapi‘ilani Highway intersections with Hinau Street, Papalaua Street, Lahainaluna Road, Dickenson Street and Shaw Street which were damaged in the Aug. 8 fire. HDOT is seeking consultants for the redesign.

Repair work on guardrails and signs is under contract and pending the completion of debris removal hauling.

A timeline and scope of repair work for the guardrails, traffic signals and signs along Honoapi‘ilani Highway are pending creation of a firm fire debris hauling schedule.

Opening Honoapi‘ilani Highway – between Keawe Street and Hokiokio Place

Honoapi‘ilani Highway between Keawe Street and Hokiokio Place is temporarily closed to the public due to existing hazardous roadway conditions, movement of fire debris and heavy equipment along with other traffic from utility and recovery work.

Prior to the highway opening to the public, proper repairs and redesign need to be made to the roadway, along with traffic signals, signs, and guardrails.

Portions of Honoapi‘ilani Highway may need to be resurfaced due to pavement deterioration from equipment and truck traffic used for recovery work and hauling.

These projects are anticipated to be scheduled following the completion of the transport of fire debris.