Function of Kauai District

Performs for the island of Kauai 1) engineering services and field inspections of transportation construction projects in conformance with approved plans and specifications and 2) maintenance, alteration and repair of State roads, highways, and related structures.

Office Services

Provides the District Office with fiscal and clerical support services.

Engineering Section

Performs engineering, planning, and design services; inspects all construction projects; performs inspection, sampling, and field tests of materials and provides all survey data, stakeout, and reference points required by the highway program; provides “As-Built” postings; prepares the capital improvement program and the special maintenance program budgets.

Engineering Services Unit

Performs engineering, planning and design services for the highway program; prepares construction plans, specifications and estimates for highway projects; performs advance planning work including alignment studies for corridor selection; negotiates and manages consultant planning and design contracts as required; provides drafting support; prepares capital improvement program budget.

Issues permits for all construction within the highway right-of-way and conducts inspection of the construction to ensure compliance with the construction permits; issues permits for overweight and oversize vehicles, landscaping, surveys, etc.; conducts special investigations relating to drainage, access restrictions that need some field work, design and drafting to meet changes in land use and drainage, and the highway inventory; prepares plans for maintenance work orders; conducts investigations for litigation and tort claim cases against the State; administers junkyard control.

Inspection Unit

Conducts field inspection and field engineering services on assigned construction projects and insures conformance with approved plans, specifications and Highways Division procedures; conducts bridge and culvert inspections; manages construction consultant support services as required.

Survey Unit

Establishes, checks, and documents the alignments, positions, and grades required for construction projects; conducts preliminary topographic and location surveys necessary to establish highway alignment and to gather data of existing ground conditions for design; provides survey services required for right-of-way, litigation, research, operations, maintenance, and the repair of highways in accordance with established survey practices.

Material Compliance Unit

Inspects, collects samples of, and tests materials manufactured or produced at central plants and incorporated in construction projects in accordance with approved Highways Division procedures; reviews testing procedures by others and project records for compliance with material sampling, testing, and certification requirements.

Maintenance Section

Performs inspection, repair, and alterations necessary to preserve existing roadways, structures, traffic control devices, landscaping and other appurtenant highway facilities within and approved maintenance program and budget; operates automotive and equipment service and repair shops.

Highway Maintenance and Landscaping Units I & II

Performs pavement patching and rehabilitates shoulder areas; maintains and repairs drainage facilities; installs, maintains and replaces pavement markings, and other traffic control devices; constructs additions, alterations and improvements to highways as directed; and maintains landscaped areas.

Bridge Maintenance Unit

Maintains and repairs major bridge structures and other structures on State highways; fabricates, installs and maintains highway signs; installs and maintains drainage appurtenances, guardrails and delineators.

Equipment Service and Repair Unit

Maintains, services and repairs automotive and construction equipment for the Kauai District.

Traffic Signal Unit

Maintains the traffic signal system in Kauai District; repairs all existing traffic signal equipment; assembles, tests, adjusts, installs and modifies electronic equipment; inspects traffic signals; maintains the traffic signal inventory. Maintains highway lighting inventory and inspects highway lighting facilities.

Contact Person: Larry Dill
District Engineer
1720 Haleukana Street
Lihue, Kauai  96766
Phone: (808) 241-3000
FAX:    (808) 241-3011