Maui State Roads and Highways


The following list of roads are under the jurisdiction of the Highways Division. This is not a complete list as there are smaller roads and parcels that are not listed. If your complaint is submitted to our Department for a facility not under our jurisdiction, it will be forwarded to the proper entity. For additional information please contact the Maui District Office.

1. Dairy Road from Kahului Airport Access Road to the Haleakala Highway/Keolani Place intersection (Route 380)

2. Haleakala Highway from Hana Highway to the Dairy Road/Keolani Place intersection (Route 36A)

3. Haleakala Highway from Hana Highway to Kula Highway (Route 37)

4. Haleakala Highway from Kula Highway to the Haleakala Crater Road/Kekaulike Avenue intersection (Route 377)

5. Haleakala Crater Road from the Haleakala Highway/Kekaulike Avenue intersection to the National Park Boundary (Route 378)

6. Hana Highway from Kaahumanu Avenue to Kaupakalua Road (Route 36)

7. Hana Highway from Kaupakalua Road to Keawa Place at the centerline of drainage ditch before Hana Bay (Route 360)

8. High Street from Main Street to Honoapiilani Highway (Route 30)

9. Hobron Avenue from Hana Highway to the gate at Pier 1, Kahului Harbor (Route 32A)

10. Honopiilani Highway from High Street to Honokohau Bridge (Route 30)

11. Kaahumanu Avenue from Hobron Avenue to Kinipopo Place (Route 32)

12. Kahekili Highway from Honokohau Bridge to 0.35 mile past the Papanahoa Stream Bridge (Route 340)

13. Kahekili Highway from Waiehu Beach Road to Camp Maluhia (Route 340)

14. Kahului Airport Access Road from Puunene Avenue to Hana Highway (Route 3800)

15. Kahului Beach Road from Kaahumanu Avenue to Waiehu Beach Road (Route 3400)

16. Kekaulike Avenue from the Haleakala Crater Road/Haleakala Highway intersection to Kula Highway (Route 377)

17. Keolani Place from Dairy Road to about 400’ west of intersection with Palapala Drive (Kahului Airport boundary) (Route 36A)

18. Kuihelani Highway from Honoapiilani Highway to the Mokulele Highway/Kahului Airport Access Road/Puunene Avenue intersection (Route 380)

19. Kula Highway from Haleakala Highway to Piilani Highway (Route 37)

20. Lahaina Bypass from Hokiokio Place to Keawe Street (Route 3000)

21. Main Street from the High Street intersection to Kinipopo Place (Route 32)

22. Mokulele Highway from the Kuihelani Highway/Kahului Airport Access Road intersection to the North Kihei Road/Piilani Highway intersection (Route 311)

23. North Kihei Road from Honopiilani Highway to the Piilani Highway/Mokulele Highway intersection (Route 310)

24. Piilani Highway from the Mokulele Highway/North Kihei Road intersection to Wailea Ike Drive (Route 31)

25. Puunene Avenue from Kaahumanu Avenue to the Kuihelani Highway/Kahului Airport Access Road intersection (Route 3500)

26. Waiehu Beach Road from Kahului Beach Road to Kahekili Highway (Route 3400)

27. Wharf Street from Kaahumanu Avenue to South boundary of Harbors Division lot (Route 32B)