Oahu State Roads and Highways


The following list of roads are under the jurisdiction of the Highways Division. This is not a complete list as there are smaller roads and parcels that are not listed. If your complaint is submitted to our Department for a facility not under our jurisdiction, it will be forwarded to the proper entity. For additional information please contact the Oahu District Office.

1. Interstate Route H-1 (Lunalilo Freeway and Queen Liliuokalani Freeway)

2. Interstate Route H-2 (Veterans Memorial Freeway)

3. Interstate Route H-3 (John A. Burns Freeway)

4. Interstate Route H-201 (Moanalua Freeway)

5. Ala Ike Street (Leeward Community College)

6. Ala Moana Boulevard from Richards Street to 135 Feet Makai of Kalakaua Avenue (Route 92)

7. Fort Barrette Road from Barbers Point Naval Reservation Boundary to Makakilo Drive Overpass (Route 901)

8. Bingham Street from Punahou Street to 360 Feet East of Isenberg Street

9. Bougainville Drive from Radford Drive to Salt Lake Boulevard (Route 7350)

10. Coral Sea Road (Route 8955)

11. Enterprise Avenue (Route 8945)

12. Farrington Highway from Fort Weaver Road (Old) to Kamehameha Highway, Inbound Off-Ramp (Waiawa Interchange) (Routes 99, 7110 & 7101)

13. Farrington Highway at Kamokila Boulevard, 500 Feet on both sides of the intersection (Route 93)

14. Farrington Highway from H-1 Palailai Interchange to the Kaena Point State Park Boundary (Route 93)

15. Farrington Highway from the Kaena Point State Park Boundary to Kaukonahua Road at Thompson Corner (Route 930)

16. Farrington Highway (Old) from H-1 Palailai Interchange to Kaena Point State Park Gate (Route 93)

17. Fort Weaver Road from the Navy Reservation Gate to Farrington Highway (Route 76)

18. Franklin D. Roosevelt Avenue (Route 8940)

19. Funchal Street from Pauoa Road to Pali Highway

20. Halawa Heights Road from Kahuapaani Street to Gate No. 3 at Camp H. M. Smith (Route 7241)

21. Halawa Valley Road from Ulune Street to Iwaiwa Street (Route 7239)

22. Halona Street (Route 98)

23. Iroquois Road from Fort Weaver Road to Boundary of Naval Reservation Boundary (Route 7141)

24. Jarrett White Road from Puuloa Road to Tripler Hospital Boundary (Route 7345)

25. Joseph P. Leong Highway (Route 83)

26. Kahekili Highway from Kamehameha Highway to Likelike Highway (Route 83)

27. Kahinani Place, a portion of (off Mokapu Saddle Road)

28. Kahuapaani Street from Salt Lake Boulevard to Halawa Heights Road (Route 7241)

29. Kailua Road from Waimanalo Junction to Kailua side of Kawainui Bridge (Route 61)

30. Kalanianaole Highway from Castle Junction to Waimanalo Junction (Route 61)

31. Kalanianaole Highway from Waimanalo Junction to Ainakoa Avenue (Route 72)

32. Kalihi Street from Nimitz Highway to School Street (Route 63)

33. Kamehameha Highway from Wilikina Drive to Kamananui Road (Route 80)

34. Kamananui Road from Kamehameha Highway to Wilikina Drive (Route 99)

35. Kamehameha Highway from Joseph P. Leong Highway to Kahekili Highway (Route 83)

36. Kamehameha Highway, Pali Highway to Likelike Highway (Route 83)

37. Kamehameha Highway from Kalihi Bridge to Valkenburgh Street (Route 92)

38. Kamehameha Highway from the vicinity of Valkenburgh Street to the Haleiwa end of the Waialua twin bridges and Kamananui Road to Joseph P. Leong Highway (Route 99)

39. Kamehameha Highway from Middle Street to 100 feet east of Kalihi Stream Bridge (Route 7401)

40. Kamehameha Highway from Kaukonahua Road to the Haleiwa end of the Waialua twin bridges (Route 8300)

41. Kaneohe Bay Drive from Kamehameha Highway to Nanamoana Street (Route 65)

42. Kaneohe Bay Drive, 110 Feet Kailua of Malae Place to 110 Feet Kailua side of H-3 (Route 65)

43. Kapahulu Avenue, Harding Avenue to Kapiolani Boulevard

44. Kaua Street, Middle Street to Kikowaena Street

45. Kaukonahua Road, Farrington Highway at Thompson Corner to Kamehameha Highway at Weed Junction No. 2 (Route 930)

46. Keeaumoku Street, Kinau Street to Kaihee Street

47. Kokohead Avenue, Harding Avenue to Pahoa Avenue

48. Kualakai Parkway (Route 8930)

49. Kukahi Street between Nimitz Highway Outbound and Inbound Lanes in Iwilei

50. Kunia Road from Farrington Highway to H-1 Freeway (Route 76)

51. Kunia Road from H-1 Freeway to Wilikina Drive (Route 750)

52. Lagoon Drive from Nimitz Highway to Koapaka Street

53. Leilehua Golf Course Road from Kamehameha Highway to Wikao Street

54. Likelike Highway from School Street to Kahekili Highway (Route 63)

55. Likelike Highway from Kahekili Highway to Kamehameha Highway (Route 83)

56. Liliha Street from North King Street to School Street (Route 7413)

57. Lunalilo Street from Ernest Street to Keeaumoku Street

58. McCully Street from Beretania Street to Dole Street

59. Metcalf Street from Dole Street to Alexander Street

60. Middle Street from Kamehameha Highway to Mauka of H-1 Freeway (Route 7415)

61. Moanalua Freeway from Middle Street to Kamehameha Highway at Aiea Interchange

62. Moanalua Road (at Waiau Interchange) from 220 Feet Ewa of Kaulike Drive to 175 Feet Kokohead of Hoomalu Street

63. Mokapu Boulevard from Mokapu Saddle Road to the intersection of Kalaheo Avenue and Kaneohe Bay Drive (Route 65)

64. Mokapu Saddle Road from Kaneohe Bay Drive to Mokapu Boulevard (Route 65)

65. Nimitz Highway, Main Gates at Pearl Harbor and Hickam Air Force Base to Richards Street (Route 92)

66. North King Street, Middle Street to Ola Lane Overpass

67. Old Waialae Road (Route 7601)

68. Olomea Street (Route 98)

69. Pacific Street from between Nimitz Highway Outbound and Inbound Lanes in Iwilei

70. Pali Highway from Vineyard Boulevard to Castle Junction (Route 61)

71. Papaku Place

72. Puuloa Road from Kamehameha Highway (under the Nimitz Viaduct) to Moanalua Freeway (Route 7310)

73. Radford Drive from Kamehameha Highway to Bougainville Drive (Route 7351)

74. Salt Lake Boulevard from Kahuapaani Street (Halawa Heights Road) to Luapele Drive (Makalapa Access Road)

75. Sand Island Access Road from the Ewa end of the Bascule Bridge to Nimitz Highway (Route 64)

76. Sand Island Parkway from the Ewa end of the Bascule Bridge to the entrance of Sand Island Park (Route 64)

77. South King Street/Harding Avenue from Waialae Avenue (near Humane Society) to Second Avenue

78. Sumner Street between Nimitz Highway Outbound and Inbound Lanes in Iwilei

79. Ulune Street from Kahuapaani Street to Halawa Valley Road (Route 7239)

80. Vineyard Boulevard (Route 98)

81. Waiaka Road from Waiaka Place to Kapiolani Boulevard

82. Waialae Avenue from 17th Avenue to Kilauea Avenue

83. Waiawa Road from Farrington Highway to Ala Ike Street

84. Waipahu Street Realignment from Kamehameha Highway to Makai End of H-1 Overpass

85. Wakea Street

86. Waokanaka Street

87. Ward Avenue from Kinau Street to Lunalilo Street

88. Whitmore Avenue from Kamehameha Highway to Naval Communication Station Boundary (Route 7012)

89. Wilikina Drive from Kamananui Road to Kamehameha Highway (Route 99)

NOTE: There are numerous side Streets along State highways where State jurisdiction extends various distances into side road.