Electric vehicle fleet

electric vehicles being charged
EVs at the Highways Division, Oahu District Baseyard.

HDOT obtained a service contract to replace light duty vehicles in its fleet with electric vehicles (EVs). The contract allows HDOT and other state and county agencies to obtain EVs and charging infrastructure as a service on a per mile cost basis, reducing the upfront costs of electrifying fleet vehicles and reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

The state-wide Hawaii fleet electrification contract (RFP-20-001-HWYS) is now active.  This contract allows all participating agencies and departments to obtain electric vehicles and all related charging infrastructure in exchange for usage fees.

This contract is a cost effective way to begin conversions of your vehicle fleet to zero emissions without upfront capital costs.  The contract is available for all types of vehicles, light duty and buses to heavy equipment, as long as the technology is available on the market.  The contract is also open to all makes and models available on the market. 

Sustainability Partners (SP), the awarded contractor, will help you work through the process and answer any questions.  SP initiates new orders for vehicles and charging infrastructure on a recurring basis.  The next order is being scheduled for May 2021.

Groups interested in learning more and/or considering participation in the next order should make a request here:  https://www.sustainability.partners/hawaii/

Contracting Agency Contact

Robin Shishido
Email: [email protected]


EV Service Contract Overview (February 2021, PDF)

Preliminary Cost Comparison Example (February 2021, PDF)

Electric Vehicle Fleet Conversion