Maipalaoa Bridge Project on Farrington Highway extended

Posted on May 6, 2024 in Highways Posts, Main, News

HONOLULU– The Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation (HDOT) is issuing the following update on the Maipalaoa Bridge project.

Phase 3, which began in April 2023, experienced delays to the construction process when the discovery of a previously unknown fiber optic cable previously halted work and triggered a redesign of the bridge shafts to avoid cutting the cable, which was later found to be a Hawaiian Telcom-owned telecommunication cable. This redesign and acceptance of the new shaft locations took a few weeks to accomplish and resulted in the push-back of the projected completion date of about a month.

Concurrently, an In-Water Work Plan was being drafted to address the removal of the piles remaining from the old structure. This plan was devised to remove 19 piles surrounding the bridge by constructing a temporary land bridge, made of large sandbags, where an excavator will be driven out daily to perform the removal work.

This land bridge will extend halfway through the water way to prevent fully obstructing its flow. Equipment will not be stored on the land bridge over night, and local sand was used in the temporary structure, should the bags need to be cut in the event of a flood. Please note, this work will be affected by the rise and fall of the tides and will only be performed when deemed safe.

Scheduling conflicts with utilities caused another project delay in the deenergizing of the power lines above Maipalaoa Bridge for steel girder installations. This work has since been scheduled to be performed on Friday, May 31. There will be two lanes closed on Farrington Highway from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. for steel girder installations. The deenergizing of the power lines will not affect surrounding residences and businesses.

Future work for project completion includes: the installation of concrete and metal bridge railings, asphalt pavement and installation of signs and temporary striping, etc.

The right shoulder lane on westbound Farrington Highway is anticipated to return to daytime operation, the week of Tuesday, August 6. Full operation of the lane is expected to return on Tuesday, August 27.

The anticipated completion date for the Maipalaoa Bridge Replacement project has been postponed to August 2024, due to 4-months of unanticipated construction delays for unknown utilities, other contractor delays and 25 unworkable days due to weather.

Please note, additional daytime closures will be required after August 2024 to return the roadway to its original condition and clear the worksite. Work will be announced as scheduled.

Motorists are advised to plan accordingly, allow for extra travel time to get to their destinations and proceed with caution through any work areas. For weekly road closure updates, please visit:

HDOT thanks the public for their cooperation as we work to maintain safe facilities.