STIP Fiscal Years 2011-2014 (+2) Approved

STIP Fiscal Years 2011-2014 (+2)

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
Federal Fiscal Years (FFY) 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
(2015 and 2016 Illustrative Years)

FHWA and FTA jointly approved the 2011-2014 (+2) STIP on December 20, 2010. Estimated funding levels that were previously programmed in the STIP and presented at the second round of public meetings in July and August 2010 have been revised and reduced since, as a result of new guidance and information that HDOT received from FHWA after public outreach efforts were completed. This guidance necessitated an extra $27 million federal-aid reduction over a three-year period between FFY 2012-2014. State-sponsored projects on the neighbor islands have been reprogrammed to utilize advanced construction, an innovative financing tool that programs reimbursements in future years as long as cash flow requirements for the project are met. This also ensures that the original year that these projects were scheduled to be obligated have been maintained. This revised version of the STIP has been approved by FHWA and FTA.

APPROVED Financially Constrained FFY 11-14 STIP (PDF File 253KB)

Project location maps for Big Island (PDF File 6,833KB)
Project location maps for Maui (PDF File 7,163KB)
Project location maps for Kauai (PDF File 7,570KB)

HDOT held two rounds of public informational meetings to discuss the development of the new FFY 2011-2014 STIP. The purpose of the first round of meetings was to solicit comments on the draft fiscally unconstrained STIP through discussion and surveys asking the public to rank projects on their island “high”, “medium”, or “low” priority.

At the second round meetings, we presented the results of the survey along with the draft fiscally constrained STIP. Below are links to the survey results for each neighbor island, as well as handouts that were distributed at both the first and second round meetings.

STIP 1st and 2nd Round meeting handouts (PDF File 34KB)
STIP Survey Results for Big Island (PDF File 53KB)
STIP Survey Results for Maui (PDF File 58KB)
STIP Survey Results for Kauai (PDF File 43KB)

Below are files to download for the FFY 2011-2014 (+2) STIP:

The entire report updated 11/15/10 (PDF File 3,749 KB)

Cover page and Table of Contents (PDF File 241KB)
I. Introduction (PDF File 242KB)
II. Participating Agencies (PDF File 242KB)
III. STIP Development Milestones (PDF File 239KB)
IV. Public Involvement (PDF File 3,096KB)
V. Title VI/Environmental Justice Analysis (PDF File 297KB)
VI. Prioritization and Selection of Projects (PDF File 1,297KB)
VII. Financial Plan Updated 11/15/10 (PDF File 315KB)
VIII. Financially Constrained 2011-2014 (+2) STIP (PDF File 750KB)
IX. Consistency with Other Planning Documents (PDF File 269KB)
X. Monitoring and Amending the Approved STIP (PDF File 282KB)

Appendix 1 1st and 2nd Rounds of Meeting Summaries (PDF File 416KB)
Appendix 2 Comments Received and Responses Sent (PDF File 1,518KB)
Appendix 3 Title VI – Environmental Justice Maps

Oahu Title VI – Environmental Justice Maps (PDF File 17,209KB)
Hawaii Title VI – Environmental Justice Maps (PDF File 10,445KB)
Maui Title VI – Environmental Justice Maps (PDF File 15,567KB)
Molokai & Lanai Title VI – Environmental Justice Maps (PDF File 8,767KB)
Kauai Title VI – Environmental Justice Maps (PDF File 12,603KB)

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Oahu projects are processed and approved through the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OahuMPO) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) process. Once the TIP is determined it is added to the STIP without change. For more information and/or to get involved in the development of the TIP please see the following websites.

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