Farrington Highway Corridor Study

Project Area Map

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Project Information
The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) Highways Division is conducting a study to determine the long term vision and management for Farrington Highway Corridor between Nanakuli and Makaha. The study will analyze and identify short term (6 months – 2 years) and long term (2 to 20 or more years) multimodal solutions that address safety, traffic congestion, and resilience, including options for secondary access to Westside communities. The DOT has assembled a project team led by SSFM International to work closely with residents and community organizations in coming up with solutions for the area.

Many communities depend on the highway as a lifeline to travel both within and outside the Waianae Coast. The project will involve collaboration with schools, community organizations, residents, and others who live, work, and play on the Westside.

The project team will work with the community to ensure project recommendations reflect and uphold community priorities and address the needs of all modes and users. Community engagement will include neighborhood board presentations, individual stakeholder meetings, community meetings, and coordination with local schools.

Where do you come in?
Your input is critical to understanding how people see and use Farrington Highway today, and how the highway can sustainably meet the needs of the Waianae Coast into the future.

There will be many ways to get involved and share your mana‘o:

1) Participate in a survey and online interactive map to let us know how you get around the area and what needs improving

Click here to complete a confidential online survey to inform us about your personal travel habits and experiences within the Project Area. This 33-question survey will take approximately 15-18 minutes to complete. We greatly appreciate your participation in this survey. THE LAST DAY TO COMPLETE THE SURVEY IS APRIL 24, 2020.

Online Interactive Map
click here or on the map image below to view an online interactive map where you can leave comments on where you’d like to see specific improvements, where you see issues, and other ideas you have for improving safety, congestion, and resilience on the Farrington Highway Corridor. THE LAST DAY TO PROVIDE YOUR INPUT IS APRIL 24, 2020.
Farrington Highway Corridor Interactive Map

2) Attend a community meeting

Attention: Due to the State’s COVID-19 Social Distancing policy, the March and April Aina meetings have been canceled. Please add yourself to the project mailing list here so that you can be notified of our project’s changing schedule and re-scheduling of these Aina meetings. Otherwise, please check this website for future updates.

There will be 3 rounds of Aina Meetings.
All meetings are 6-8 pm and will be held in 2 locations:

Waianae Meetings
S&L Building
85-888 Farrington Highway
Nanakuli Meetings
Nanakuli Public Library
89-070 Farrington Highway

The 3 rounds of Aina Meetings are scheduled as follows:

Round 1 – Meeting to gather input on transportation issues and how people get around (view/download presentation slides here — PDF file 6 MB)
Waianae – February 20th Meeting Summary here (pdf file 3.54 MB)
Nanakuli – February 24th Meeting Summary here (pdf file 3.78 MB)

Round 2 – Meeting to report survey results and identify preliminary solutions
Nanakuli – March 30th CANCELED
Waianae – March 31st CANCELED

The project team is considering alternative means of continuing to work with the community to develop solutions during this time. We will send updates as options become available for the community. Please add yourself to the project mailing list or check this website for future updates.

Round 3 – Meeting to present draft recommendations and discuss priorities and phasing
Waianae – April 22nd CANCELED
Nanakuli – April 28th CANCELED

If you require special accommodations, please contact Melissa May at [email protected] or (808) 628-5861 at least five days prior to the meeting.

See attached pdf flyer here (pdf file 1.2 MB)
See attached jpg flyer here (jpg file 443 KB)

3) E-mail us your comments and ideas at [email protected]

4) Join the project mailing list to stay informed (Click here to sign up)

5) Other Feedback
Walk/Drive Audit on 2/8/2020 Summary here (pdf file 6.6 MB)

For more information, please contact:
Melissa May, SSFM International
Phone: 808-628-5861
Email: [email protected]